Age of Magic Guide

The Age of Magic is one of the most-played gameplay by many mobile gamers alike in every corner of the world. Your main goal while playing this game is to collect numerous heroes from various classes and races. Aside from that, you are also required to follow the prophecy declared by the description of the game. This prophecy is all about the first hero who will be considered as one of the True Mages who will be the leader. This can be done by playing the Dark Tower.

Similar to the other gameplay you’ve played before, this Age of Magic has lots of things that you should understand. Yes, this turn-based RPS might be simple for others, but it comes up with different nuances, turns, and twists. This is always true when you start to unlock heroes, improve the skills of your hero, and perform the war between the human-controlled and Al enemies.

Tips for beginners

In connection to that, we’ve prepared our Age of Magic guide for beginners. This guide comes up with useful tips for you to have a good performance in the game. So, if you want to know more about it, keep on reading!

One Enemy at a Time

Your main goal in this game is to be declared as the winner or a leader. You are required to exploit your strength. It only means that you should deal with an enemy one at a time. In addition to that, it is also recommended to target an enemy that has been damaged the most. You might also consider dealing with those who have healing powers.

Save Special Skills

Each hero has 2 special skills. You can use the first one early in a battle. The 2nd time should be saved and used only on right timing. For example, a tank’s damage absorbing should be used when there are allies who are low on health, high damage skills should be used on boss.

Train and Equip Your Heroes and Their Skills

The Heroes meu is your one-stop shop to purchase the things that your hero will need on the game. You can see this menu on the upper right side of your mobile screen. This is the place where you should go when you want to level up or equip your heroes with helpful items.

While training and equipment are important, you shouldn’t neglect upgrading skills to make the heroes more powerful. To level up them, you need Skill Cube which can be obtained in Campaign battles.

Complete Daily Quest

Each day of playing the Age of Magic, you will be presented with a regular quest. This quest will enable you to collect currencies to complete the game.

Don’t forget to claim your daily bonus energy in Quest tab. These bonus energy will help you play longer.

Complete in the Arena

Most players of the Age of Magic want to collect rubies, as well as gold. It is because these can be used on buying the shards of your hero.

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