Best Android Apps to Delete Image Background in 2024

We used to need an image editor like Adobe Photoshop to delete a photo’s background. Now we can do it on mobile with these Android apps.

5 best Android apps to delete a photo’s background

Background Eraser

Background eraser is a simple yet multifunctional application for cutting pictures. The precise user affiliate makes it easier for beginners to use. You can eradicate objects which you need to eliminate and erase comparative pixels consequently. In needing times of superimposing images, Background Eraser makes it convenient.

This powerful application allows complete control over the positioning of your background to get just what you need. This is a great way to add texture, color, or anything else that was not possible with standard Photoshop techniques. Remove any objects in a picture that you no longer want with amazing accuracy-in “Extract” mode by drawing blue and red markers on the offending area.

Fully automated image editing software has been around for years now but many people feel they are missing out without proper training or a solid understanding of photo editing and photoshop processes-a hopeless feeling if there ever was one! Not anymore! Background Eraser completely eliminates any misgivings about manual photo processing skills needed for crafting realistic composite photos because all these features can be accessed and handled in a simple way.

Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser gives a quick and simple approach to remove backgrounds in your photos. You can easily erase and cut by simply doing a finger touch. Just touch the area you need to eradicate, and this auto eraser application will wrap up the work for you. Imagine, getting a clean background any time is made possible now!

The Ultimate Background Eraser is the easiest and most efficient way to remove backgrounds in photos. You can quickly change your photo background with just a few swipes of your fingers or a simple lasso cut around the area you want to erase. The resulting images can be used as stamps for making a beautiful collage, montage, or you may decide to keep them transparent so that they are ready for use on our custom backgrounds.

Background Eraser: Magic Eraser & White Background

This application makes it easier to remove the undesirable areas of your images.  The trimming function empowers you to edit your photos before eradicating the background. Simply choose the part that you wish to eliminate and immediately erase it using the white background and the famous transparent. Along these lines, the size of your photograph will be amazing to share on web-based media!

Auto Background Changer & Background Eraser

This application is one of the best removal tools for unnecessary objects in photos. The smooth editorial manager keenly eradicates the background and unwanted stuff without any problem. After utilizing subsequent pictures, it can be used as stamps with other applications to make a collage or a photomontage. – Remove Backgrounds 100% Automatically

Save your time with this automatic background remover. The automatic function makes the picture’s background disappear in just 5 seconds. If you want a new background, you can select from the app’s recommendations or choose one from your gallery. Share your finished work through your favorite social apps!

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