The Best Apps For Android App Developers in 2024

Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world, and app developers are always looking for new ways to make their apps stand out from the rest. With so many apps on the market, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for without a little help. Here are five of our favorite Android apps that will help any app developer get started! 


Finally, an app that solves everything. Gone are the days of memorizing hundreds of different codes to bring your Android apps live and online in just minutes. With AIDE, you can get started with a few interactive tutorials and create something new in less than half the time seen on other development environments on your Android device.

AIDE is an IDE that has all the features you need to get up-and-running and create awesome Apps for Android, on any device! Start by exploring our interactive lessons – they’ll teach you Java programming from scratch or show you how to make Android Wear Apps. If its time to start your first App, a single-click lets you quickly produce a working project with best practices already set up.

Dev Tools

Android Dev Tools is an essential app for Android development. It is a powerful, productive assistant that can help increase your productivity and support decompiling apps, viewing details related to layouts (lines, coordinates), tracking screen colors of other apps as well as sampling or using the foreground color history. Additional features including monitoring activities of other apps used recently or installed recently will be added in future updates.

Learn Android App Development

This app is a reservoir of high quality and foolproof information for Android development. We will teach you the skills to grow your career, whether you’re one for beginners or already an expert. These tutorials come with 3 levels: basic knowledge, advanced knowledge, and professional level so no matter what your current skill set is we’ve got everything to get you on track. With videos included in some sections it’s hard not to be pleased with this well-rounded resource.

Developer Toolbelt – Fill RAM

This comprehensive app helps you fully test your Android apps to catch bugs and make sure they’re running as smoothly as possible. The app makes low memory situations easier for you by giving 100% RAM usage in a simulated environment so that your crashing bugs don’t crash up your entire phone.

Flutter Template Examples

Flutter is a Google’s UI kit which allows developers to create app for web, mobile, and desktop. We give you Flutter Template Examples with source code! This contains the following widgets and animations: ListView, Material Flat App Theme, ItemizeRow inside ScrollView. You can see more tutorials at our GitHub repository in the link below. There are two different types of template examples: apps and libraries (possibilities!).

In addition to example code showing how items fit together visually or functionally, we also provide production ready code graded by complexity so that developers can get through any beginner obstacles quickly and be watching their first animation on their Android phone before long.

Apk Extractor

This handy tool allows you to extract APK files from an Android device or emulator without having to install them first. It also includes some basic file management functions like deleting APKs or renaming them with just one click. 

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