Honor V Purse

Honor V Purse was recently showcased at IFA 2023. This gadget aims to be a fusion between a foldable phone and a purse, complete with a shoulder chain for that fashion-forward appeal. The unique thing here is that the display is on the outside, so you can easily show off whatever wallpaper or design you choose, effectively turning your phone into a fashion statement.

Honor V Purse Specs

  • There is no specs yet.

The Honor V Purse is designed to be more than just a phone—it aims to be an accessory you can pair with various outfits. Imagine changing your phone display to match your outfit for the day! Traditional leather or fabric bags just can’t offer that level of personalization.

While the concept sounds neat, there’s a snag: it’s basically just a phone, no more, no less. Sure, you can use it for digital payments, but don’t expect to stash your lipstick, keys, or earbuds inside—there simply isn’t any space for that.

Another concern is security. The Honor V Purse is meant to be worn in plain sight, making it an easy target for would-be thieves. Traditional purses offer a degree of discretion and security that this gadget just can’t match.

Speaking of traditional purses, they’re basically designed to hold stuff—be it small items like makeup or larger ones like a tablet. If a bag can’t hold your essentials, it pretty much defeats the purpose of being called a “purse,” don’t you think?

Now, there’s something else to consider: the misguided attempts at creating “lady tech.” Every so often, tech companies try to market products specifically for women, but it often feels like these attempts are out of touch. Like, they’ll just slap some pink onto a gadget and call it a day, without actually consulting women about what they would want in a product. Considering Honor is a global brand, it’s puzzling why they wouldn’t take regional preferences and needs into account.

Here’s the kicker: the Honor V Purse is still a concept device, not something you can actually buy. That’s a relief in some ways, but also a missed opportunity. Honor could have gone all-out with a truly unique and functional purse-phone hybrid, instead of settling for a foldable phone masquerading as a fashion accessory.

Concept gadgets often serve as a playground for wild ideas, like flexible displays being used in vintage TVs or even toasters. Knowing that Honor can create some seriously cool tech, it’s a bit disappointing that they opted for a phone pretending to be something it’s not.

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