Mythgard Guide – Tips to Build a Powerful Deck

While still a newcomer in the field of mobile game, Mythgard has already been making a big buzz among gaming enthusiasts. It was introduced by Rhino Games, providing extraordinary elements that fans would surely enjoy.

Always find yourself completely stuck at some battles? Worry not – following are Mythgard tips to help youreign the playing field!

Begin strategizing around the basic gameplay mechanics

Make sure to strategist first around the gameplay mechanics from the moment you build the deck to actually playing in all the matches. The concept of burning a card provides you with a gem and mana. This gem is an extra cost for summoning minions and casting spells. The combination of a gem and mana also makes it relatively simple for you to build a deck that houses a blend of different fractions or colors.

Proceed to the main story

What some players don’t realize is that advancing through the main story is the fastest way to get experience points, resources, and cards. Advance farther and achieve new levels to open up starter decks and other game modes. Additionally, pushing forward with the main story of the game will get you more acquainted with the deck/s you’re using.

Read the description of your new cards

Read through all the cards you tackle in matches not only to know numerous cards available, but also to determine the card skills. These could have a huge influence on your action or give you a range of abilities that can either make or break your game result. If you have the chance,search through the cards within your collection.

Unlock and test your starter decks

As you unlock starter decks, test each of them in either the PvE battle or main story missions. Doing so will help you to decide which one perfectly works for you according to your play style and preferences as well as become more familiar with all the fractions and decks.

Balance the deck firmly

When editing or creating a deck, try tostick with the theme and base color as possible. The card cost allocation is another crucial point to ponder on. You can only be able to come up with a deck – maximum of 200 and minimum of 40 cards. When it comes to the number of copies each card could have on your deck, there are limitations too. Around one copy for mythical rarity, two copies of rare cards, three copies of uncommon cards, and four copies of common card.

Earn more coins and extra rewards, here’s how

Spend more time getting through PvP and PvE battles to achieve more victories and make a better deck quicker. As for how to get extra rewards, accomplish achievements and missions. This is your another stepping stone towards advancing in the game.

Mythgard is an online collectible card game available on Android, Steam, and iOS devices. Its inspiration was from modern fantasy classics which include American Gods and Fables. Our Mythgard tips will guide you all through the stages of the game.

Play smart and conquer!

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