7 Best New Android Action Games in 2024

The best part about new games is that they are always coming out. It’s a lot of fun to check in now and then to see what the latest releases are! There’s been a ton of great ones lately, but which ones really stand out? This post will tell you all about the newest Android action games worth playing. I’ll give you my opinion on which ones have been the most exciting and why, as well as any pros or cons for each one. Let me know if there is anything else I should include in this list by leaving a comment below!

Shell Shockers

The most popular egg-based multiplayer first-person shooter in the world is Shell Shockers! Take control of a heavily armed egg and fight real players on private or public battle maps. The popular online FPS game comes to your smartphone for thrilling free-range action!


Prepare for battle with eight distinct weapons: Crackshot, Scrambler, Tri-Hard, Whipper, Free Ranger, Cluck 9mm, and Eggk47. Then customize your eggatar with wild headgear, outfits, colors, and decals before going on the offensive!


Take on all comers in Free-For-Alls or join Team mode to battle red vs blue… or try the amusing Capture the Spatula mode, where you compete for control of the fantastic Spatula. Play a thrilling shooting game with your friends on public servers across the world, or start your own private game to play an egg


Keep your account safe from the io web game and play cross-platform battles with your pals on desktop or laptop computers!


You’ll need to smash golden eggs to defeat your foes and acquire guns, grenades, headwear, decals, and other flair for your eggatar. Dress to impress!


In a worldwide community of Shell Shockers, millions of players can join together to compete and collaborate. Have you joined the global community of Shell Shockers yet?


Huntdown is a fast-paced, old school run n’ gun game that brings lots of fun combat to Android. With rave reviews from critics and players alike for its challenging gameplay mixed with bloodthirsty weapons–you are the most dangerous bounty hunter in this deadly city!

Get equipped with all sorts including pistols or assault rifles as well shotguns so you can leave nothing standing between crime controllers & their paying customers…not even police officers on patrol outside our building right now since we’re closed until further notice due to an emergency situation happening right now.

If you’re itching for some nostalgic Contra action on your mobile device, Huntdown is the perfect game to pick up. It’s got everything that made the classic series great: intense run-and-gun action, huge bosses, and plenty of bullets. The controls have been adapted perfectly for touchscreen devices, and the level design is excellent, providing plenty of variety and challenge.

Clan N

Beat them up with an unmatched battle plan and tact. Clan N provides you with a combination of classic arcade gameplays and modern brawlers to help you beat your enemies hands down. The game’s main story happens in 7 levels with different enemies. The game’s main features include clean pixel-based graphics and 4 boot players.

Clan N is an ancient samurai group in the region called Far East. They are sworn to protect the realm from people who want to destroy it. Akira is a ninja with shinobigatana (a sword that has a short blade). Reina uses a staff and can use magic.

Clan N is a fighting game that blends the classic gameplay style of arcades with modern brawlers. In this game, you will have to dodge, block and use your light, heavy and special attacks wisely. It has an ancient far east theme with 7 different levels. You will meet many enemies that are challenging in the middle of the game and end level bosses.

Features :

  • A fast paced game that you can play in an arcade. It has the classic gameplay with new brawlers.
  • A main story with 7 levels and hundreds of sections in each level.
  • Can be played cooperatively with up to four computer-controlled players.
  • A sleek and clean pixel-driven graphic design with accompanying Far East inspired music and sound effects.

Clan N can be played via touch interface or with a connected gamepad. When you start playing the game, a tutorial will show you how to do it. You can choose what input method you want from the settings.

Basketball Vs. Zombies

What you think is a beautiful little town turns out to be a zombie hub. The game is about an unprecedented zombie apocalypse that requires the few remaining survivors to defend themselves, family, and friends to the last drop of blood. The player is required to shoot the zombie at the head to incapacitate it.

In the zombie apocalypse, you must defend yourself and your friends. You do this by playing a game of basketball where you shoot balls in the hoop with zombies’ heads.

You can also use weapons like baseball bats to take care of them.

But there are 50+ cool skins for your character to choose from and 60+ dangerous weapons.

The game features modern pixel art with spooky sound effects.

Buck this Virus

The virus is coming. You are in the first line of defense and your only task is to destroy all the viruses trying to pass by you. There are many of them and you are a single soldier, but you have powerful weapons, various tactics, and accessories to use.

As you take the first step into a world under siege, your sole goal is to halt this potential contamination breach. The only enemy in sight – an endless swarm of invaders who are hell-bent on destroying everything and everyone they come across. You’re no stranger to fighting against odds that seem impossible at best; so go ahead: pick up whatever weapon it takes for you to reach victory and put those enemies down once and for all!

Become the hero of your own story by shooting, slashing and blowing up an infinite number of enemies in Arcade Style Action Shooter. Survive as long as possible with simple controls that deliver satisfying feedback!


As the name suggests the game is all about robotics. You will have to train your robot to perform different missions, including fighting with other robots, controlled by other players. The best part in the game is ability to create or build your own robot using countless spare parts and technologies. Try to become the best robot trainer.

Snipers vs Thieves: Classic!

In Snipers vs Thieves, you can be the sniper or looter! Protect your stash as a deadly shot with powerful weapons like big head ammo and freeze bullets while trying to take out all other players in this real time multiplayer game.

Play Seasons so that earn stars for Cool rewards such masks from Presidents past including Franklin Delano Roosevelt who had an invisibility cloak but was also unlockable genetically by changing classes through DNA samples collected throughout each round.

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