Apps That Use Android 12’s Material You Are Coming

Google has been flirting with the idea of native theming for years, so it was pretty much unheard of that full-native theming to this degree would be available on stock Android. More and more people want their phones to look like the things they use. That is why companies make theming engines. They can change how your phone looks and feels. Stock Android hasn’t reached that level of support yet.

The design language in apps has become more diverse and customizable with Android 12. With Material You, Google’s new inclusive design philosophy is making headway for the first time into a widespread use of its products at scale- but it will be some time before this happens across other apps as well.

In time for the third Android 12 beta, a handful of Android apps are starting to get support for Material You theming.


Tasker’s developer showcased the Material You theming in his app, only to find that he couldn’t submit a beta version of it for API level 31 (Android 12) until the release of Android 12 Beta 3. Now, with full support for Dynamic Theming from Google’s Material You guidelines and new features like Adaptive Icons to match different devices’ icons on your phone screen; you can personalize every icon across all platforms!

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is a cutting-edge app for sleep improvement that has always been ahead of the curve. Recently, it introduced Material You dynamic colors with ColorWash and Adaptive Brightness to help users fall asleep at night easier when they’re stressed or if their surroundings are not conducive to sleeping.


Forget about that same old boring theme. SwiftWalls is the third app to add support for dynamic theming and it doesn’t stop there! For this next release, they are adding a whole bunch of customization features. The developer informed about this new feature as a beta version is now available on the Google Play Store with Material You theme support.

The developers have jumped on board with Google’s new Material Theme. This is excellent news for people looking forward to customizing their phones with the theme once they are finally upgraded, or even those who already use it and want a change of scenery!

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