Best Android Physics Puzzle Games in 2024

New Android games are being released in droves and it can be hard to keep up. But with the right game, you’ll find yourself totally absorbed for hours on end! Here are some of our favorite new physics puzzle games that have recently been published- so far this year!

Solve puzzle with in-game physics which take into account gravity, wind, weight!

Laserbreak 3 Pro – Physics Puzzle

You do not have to be a physician to enjoy the game, but use common sense and situations you run into on a daily basis. There are magnets, slime, portals, wood, glass and lasers in these puzzles. You have 45 fun levels, bonus coins, lovely effects and a smooth gameplay. Play it offline with no ads or purchases.

Gravity Box – Minimalist Physics Game

No matter this game is not that impressive in looks; yet it is a must-try for gamers. No music is there and each level is presented at the minimal possibility. But this physics-based gameplay turns out to be phenomenal. In the tiny corridors of the different levels of this game, one has to use surroundings to get success.

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