Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6

We’ve been getting bits and pieces about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 for some time, but the latest info dump gives us a much clearer view of what to expect.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Specs Rumor

Recent leaks suggest Samsung is shaking things up with the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Forget the budget Fold model everyone was buzzing about; it seems Samsung is taking a different approach.

Instead of a budget Fold, the company is reportedly focusing on making the regular Fold 6 the more affordable option. But wait, there’s more! A higher-end Fold variant might be joining the party, potentially sporting some exciting features.

This premium Fold might not be called the “Ultra,” but rumors hint at some key differences. It could come equipped with an S Pen, either built-in or with a dedicated slot. This would be a major upgrade, as previous rumors suggested the S Pen would be exclusive to the (now-scrapped) budget model.

It looks like Samsung is taking a page out of the playbook of its own Galaxy S24 Ultra and even the iPhone 15 Pro by possibly including a titanium build.

Render leak by OnLeaks

If you’re wondering, that means the phone’s frame could be made of titanium, stepping up from the aluminum frame of the previous Galaxy Z Fold 5. This shift to a more deluxe material isn’t just for show; titanium is popping up in other high-end phones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the S24 Ultra, hinting that this could be the new trend.

On top of that, insider @chunvn8888 spilled the beans on X that the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s battery capacity is getting a boost to 4,600mAh from the Z Fold 5’s 4,400mAh. Not only that, but it’s also getting a sleeker design.

The Fold 6 is expected to slim down to 11mm in thickness when folded, which is a noticeable trim from its 13.4mm thick predecessor. This could make the new model feel a lot less bulky in your pocket or bag.

Just like its predecessor, the Z Fold 5, we’re looking at a trio of cameras: a 50MP main shooter, a 10MP telephoto lens offering 3x optical zoom, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera.

On the display front, the outer screen is getting a slight bump up to 6.4 inches from the previous 6.2 inches, alongside a shift in aspect ratio to 20:9, making it a bit wider and probably easier to handle than the Z Fold 5’s 23.1:9. As for the foldable screen inside, it’s rumored to sport a 1.08:1 aspect ratio, though these numbers might shift before the final product hits the shelves.

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