7 Alternatives to Civilization 5 for MacBook Air Owners

Even though gamers prefer consoles and custom-built PCs to MacBooks, plenty of Mac owners can still enjoy video games as a pastime.

Lackluster hardware limits available options, but it does not mean that Macs are that bad for gaming. It also helps that more and more video game developers are putting additional effort into optimizing their IPs for more than just the most popular platforms, such as MS Windows. macOS compatibility is becoming more common.

A VPN for games, specifically on a Mac, also opens new options, particularly when you want to play online and struggle to connect to a server due to your location.

It is up to you what game genre you want to play. Some people prefer shooters, others like MOBAs and dungeon crawlers. And then there are those who find the most fun playing strategy games. 

Civilization 5 is one of the best strategy games ever made, and you might have been playing that one for a while. But what if you want to play something else without straying too far from your preferred genre? We have a few options.

Starcraft II

Blizzard might have fallen off in terms of reputation, but there is no denying that the company manages to create some of the best video games.

Starcraft II is one of the defining genre titles. Despite its age, the game continues to be popular. It would be nice if Blizzard released balance patches and updates more frequently, but even the lack of support is not enough to discourage players from enjoying the IP.

New players usually start with the campaign to familiarize themselves with the three races—Zerg, Protoss, and Terran. Each of the three has a dedicated campaign/story.

After that, one can jump directly to multiplayer and play against other players. It takes a while to become good at the game, but the rewards for improving are quite satisfying.

Warcraft III

Warcraft III is another Blizzard title. Unlike StarCraft II, which is in the science fiction genre, WC III is high fantasy.

One of the notable differences about this RTS is the fact that you do have a bigger focus on macro management in the game. The armies are smaller and revolve around a hero or multiple heroes that you control. There is also the element of leveling up your heroes to unlock new abilities and gain an advantage over the opponent.

Age of Empires II

The Age of Empires games are total classics and should be tried by every RTS fan. AoE II is not the newest title in the franchise, but it remains the most popular by far.

The fact that Microsoft continues to push updates and expansions for a 20-year-old game is enough to know that the IP is in great hands.

One of the issues with Age of Empires II is that the game is not supported by macOS directly. You will need to circumvent the drawback by using an emulator, but that should not be a problem if you want to play AoE II on your Mac.

Total War Series

What separates Total War games from the rest is the ability to command massive armies. You get a bird’s eye view from above, which makes controlling unit groups easier. 

If you are an avid fan of RTS games, then Total War might take a while to get used to because the approach to the gameplay is a bit different. Nevertheless, the series is successful for a reason, and if you find it interesting enough to continue playing, you are bound to reach a point of getting hooked.

Crusader Kings 

Crusader Kings is another series that seems to be gaining more and more momentum recently, especially after the developers released a new installment in the franchise.

The gameplay is not too complicated, though there are some things that are a bit unique to this specific title. There are more instances when you have to pause the game to make decisions related to your economy and military. 

One thing that stands out in CK is its story. If you are a fan of medieval history as well, you should love this one.

Company of Heroes

There are not that many RTS games that pick a modern timeframe. Company of Heroes happens in the first part of the 20th century.

Those who are tired of playing in a fantasy environment or doing medieval battles should consider Company of Heroes as a nice change of pace.

Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is comparable to Age of Empires in the sense of how it plays. However, what separates this game from AoE is the fact that you get to go through all eras in humanity’s history.

Starting from the early ages all the way to modern times makes for dynamic gameplay. Of course, if you want to stick to a specific time period, you can make the necessary adjustments in the settings.

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