8 Best Android Sci-fi Games in 2024

Do you love sci-fi and games? Well, then this blog is for you! We will discuss some of the best new Android Sci-Fi games that are out now.
There’s something on this list for everyone! Whether you’re a fan of strategy or arcade style gameplay, there’s something here to please your taste buds.

EVE Echoes

It is a space MMO game. Players can create their own ships and their own gameplay in order to become the strongest gamer in the game. Game offers exploration, combats and so much more, all of that in space. Each player will choose his own path.

EVE Echoes is a mobile spaceship MMO game that bases its core design principles off of EVE Online. In the game, players will be able to forge their own path and form alliances with other players from across the galaxy in order to shape the persistent universe.

You can do many things in EVE Echoes. You could explore the vast reaches of space, construct a massive starship to take on other empires and pirates alike, mine resources for trade or manufacturing purposes – with every action affecting how your empire grows and falls throughout history.

Listed below are three examples that show exactly what players will be able to accomplish as they play through their own personal story: 

  • Explore uncharted territory while taking care not only about yourself but also those who follow you into dangerous territories.
  • Join forces with others so that together you might rule solar systems across the galaxy by constructing gigantic starships capable of defending against whatever enemies may come knocking at your doorsteps.
  • Become an interstellar bounty hunter.

“LIGHT UP THE STARMAP!” The battle for sovereignty of nullsec has begun. Now, any Corporation can participate in the fight! From this moment on, up to 50 people can take part in fleet operations against enemies that roam throughout space. This is where you will live your thrill through our very own starmap and keep yourself updated with new developments as they happen – so stay tuned!

Corporation Citadels are now available for you to build. Create a space station that belongs to only you and your companions: an exclusive place where no one else can enter or mess with your stuff. This system is yours, so make it as awesome as possible!

The galaxy is at your fingertips! You can either rule with diplomacy or conquer by force. Ready to write galactic history?

Out There

Out There is a captivating space adventure that allows you to explore the vast unknown of outer space. With Google Game Services, you can earn 59 achievements and 1 leaderboard. A dark and melancholic, hard sci-fi adventure awaits you as you explore a freshly procedurally-generated galaxy in every new game.

With 350+ multiple choices handwritten game book adventures, you can engage with alien life forms and learn their language. No combat! It’s you against the environment. Eerie score by award-winning composer Siddartha Barnhoom (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable) enhances the fantastic pulp comics graphics. High replay value with different endings makes this game a must-play.

Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is an epic Star Wars role-playing experience with unique characters, creatures, vehicles, and planets. In Knights of the Old Republic, you can learn to use the Force with over 40 different powers and build your own Lightsaber.

You can adventure through iconic Star Wars locations, including Tatooine and the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. You can choose your party from nine customizable Star Wars characters, including Twi’leks, Droids, and Wookiees. You can travel to eight enormous worlds in your own starship, the Ebon Hawk.

The streamlined user interface custom-made for the touch screen helps immerse you in the action. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic also has full HID controller support for those gamers that prefer the original control scheme.

Robo Blaster: Guns! Shoot! Boom!

In this epic shooting game, you’ll fight your way through hordes of enemies, using a variety of crazy weapons to blast them away. With exciting stages to choose from, you can go for the high-risk-high reward path or play it safe with the low-risk-easy path.

And if you really want to test your skills, take on the epic boss battles! With easy one-finger controls, anyone can join in on the fun.


In Morphite, players will explore procedurally generated worlds that are full of surprises. Whether it’s stumbling upon a creature that’s never been seen before or finding a long-forgotten space station, there’s always something new to discover. The game has a beautiful low-poly look and an amazing soundtrack, with over 50 original songs.

The main storyline is fully voiced, and there are environmental puzzles to solve throughout the game. Players can scan creatures to sell their bio information, and they can find various upgrades to help them in their adventures. There are also huge bosses to battle, and the game includes an easy-to-use Starmap system for navigating the stars.

There are dozens of side missions to pursue, along with real-time space combat and space trading. Players can also collect resources and trade them with other traders.

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within’s plot may not be the most original, but when it comes to the gameplay, it is a turn-based strategy at its core. With new soldier abilities, weapons and equipment, and improved enemy threats, it is a must-play for fans of the genre.

The new soldier abilities in XCOM: Enemy Within are definitely interesting, and add a lot to the game. The genetic modifications of soldiers are definitely something that I think is worth looking into, and the mechanized cybersuits are just cool. The new weapons and equipment are also very cool, and I think they make the game more interesting. The new enemy threats are definitely a challenge, but I think they are manageable.

Sandship: Crafting Factory

In Sandship: Crafting Factory, you are tasked with managing a massive, mega factory that is the last of its kind in the universe. The factory was in hibernation while civilizations disappeared, so there is a mysterious atmosphere surrounding it.

Your goal is to produce everything from simple items to otherworldly technology, and trade what you make for credits, XP, and crates containing ancient knowledge. To do this, you will need to design a futuristic assembly line for automated crafting and place devices to create increasingly complex materials.

You can also upgrade your sandship’s size to mythic proportions and maximize your credits to buy buildings, devices, and decorations. Developing holographic blueprints will allow you to get creative with your setups and make the most of your resources. With a little bit of effort, you can turn this factory into the most productive one in the universe!

Hades’ Star

In Hades’ Star, you are the one in control of a growing empire, starting from a single planet in space. It’s your job to colonize numerous planets and make sure they grow from lifeless rocks into bustling hubs of activity.

You’ll need to optimize trade routes, mine resources, explore new space, and defend against mysterious alien races all while doing it. In addition, you can build combat, mining, and trade ships and customize them with powerful modules.

You can establish diplomatic relations with other players and dictate your rules for economic and military cooperation. 

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