Best Puzzle Games For Android

If you are looking for a puzzle game that can really get your mind working, then these five games will keep you entertained. All of the games are free with no in-app purchases and offer something different from each other. Whether you like to work on puzzles while listening to music or solving them as fast as possible, there is a game here for everyone!

5 Best Puzzle Games For Android


Machinarium a robot to rescue his girlfriend in a twisted and dangerous world. Move through tangled environments and solve puzzles by mapping out your surroundings on the fly, relying heavily on the powerful tools within your unravelling backpack – wire cutters, dynamite, laserscope.

Machinarium plays like an interactive children’s book that combines animated illustrations with genuine gameplay elements, including sophisticated physics between objects so they feel solid as they react under player control. The player will have to solve complex environmental puzzles with adjustable difficulty levels (30) across 15 locations inside four different factories and three secret areas filled with bonuses.

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is an exciting 3D puzzle adventure game. You play the role of a lone explorer who must delve deep into the abandoned castle and solve intricate puzzles to uncover ancient treasure, fend off various enemies, and unravel what dark mystery lies at the heart of this place along your journey.

Traverse vast rooms as you examine hidden object scenes and use unique inventory items to solve challenging puzzles! Navigate mazelike corridors with state-of-the-art 3D mapping techniques, complete achievements for extra in-game rewards, take advantage of intuitive shortcuts that let you skip difficult challenges or trigger important events more quickly than ever before. Dare yourself–this impenetrable dungeon will not give up its secrets without resistance!

Monument Valley 2

In Monument Valley 2 you’ll experience magical vantage points, impossible geometry, and stunning procedurally-generated structures as never before. Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through new colorful landscapes that seem unattainable in this beautifully poignant sequel to the award-winning Monument Valley.

Work your way through mind-bending puzzles while learning the secrets of their world’s Sacred Geometry. Explore beautiful environments that unfold themselves as you move across gorgeous touchscreen levels or interact with delightful creatures adding further drama to this stunningly elegant game.

The Room Three

Your brain is a stubborn muscle that needs exercise to stay strong. Give it the workout it craves by solving mind bending puzzles in The Room 3! Join your favorite detective, Julie, on yet another puzzling adventure through a series of treacherous trials designed by an enigmatic figure. Keep your focus sharp and enter The Room Three today!

The Room Three is a physical puzzle game within a beautifully tactile world. Lured to an island, you must draw upon all your puzzle-solving ability to navigate the trials devised by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman.”


SortPuz is a really great game that will keep you occupied in some of your down time. The object of the game is to complete each puzzle by sorting liquids into their appropriate color and then placing them inside bottle with matching colors. But beware, it’s not always as easy as it seems to get things sorted!

Firstly, it is more challenging than any other water bottle sorting games you have played before because it doesn’t allow the solution until all of the levels are complete.

Secondly, SortPuz offers plenty surprises challenges and different levels so no one gets bored easily which is why many players enjoy this game! To make things even better, we offer a wide range of colors for those who like having choices in what they play with or how colorful their gaming experience becomes. We would love to share our brand new challenge with you today- give it a try now!

Kitty Q

The Schrödinger’s cat paradox is a paradoxical thought experiment intended to demonstrate the quantum superposition principle, in which a cat exists in two places at once. However, as you know, someone has already turned this idea into a game, and it’s an entirely free educational game.

The user will assist you in leading Kitty Q out of the perplexing quantum realm. Everything is controlled by its own odd laws within the container. According to her great-grandfather Erwin Schrödinger’s specialist subject: quantum physics, the world is strange here. You get to explore Anna’s great-grandfather Erwin Schrödinger’s field of expertise: quantum physics.

Each puzzle in the game is based on real, rigorous science. It’s a brand-new planet to explore!

You will learn more than 20 scientific facts about quantum physics in Kitty Q that will astound your audience.

Doors: Paradox

Doors: Paradox is the newest escape room game from Snapbreak, and it’s also the final part of the Doors series. This is another beautiful game in which you’ll solve complicated puzzles, similar to The Room.

Story and Features

We’ve been walking on the thin line between chaos and order since we first remember. A portal that had remained locked for millennia was opened one day, and catastrophe ensued. Now it’s up to you to restore order…but things aren’t as simple as they appear!

  • AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS – The fantastic mystery of our Doors is beautifully captured by our unique art style.
  • ENGAGING PUZZLES – Solve mind-bending puzzles and experience thrilling surprises in this charming hidden object adventure.
  • ABSORBING AUDIO – Enjoy it with your favorite music! Take a plunge into an other reality with our ethereal music and sound effects!

Doors: Paradox is a fantastic 3D puzzle escape game that you won’t want to pass up!

Impossible Isles

Impossible Isles is a map-based puzzle game that offers you daily new puzzles. The gameplay is simple enough to learn.Just follow the rules on the left of the screen as you place tiles in a certain way and fill it out.

Since the game offers new map each day, you will play a different map every time, making it an endless game.

Hexagon Block Arts

Hexagon Blocks are a great way to make awesome art!

Are you looking for the perfect game to pass the time? Come try our Hexagon Block Arts, with a host of pictures and exciting challenges! This game offers engaging gameplay in an artistic setting. With so many ways to win, this puzzle game will keep you hooked until every piece is in place. But don’t worry, we’ve added clever hints and mess-wiping buttons for those times when you just can’t get your head past that last puzzle. In this puzzle game you’ll never be bored again!


  • Complete many colorful pictures by placing Hexagon Blocks in rows.
  • The example pictures show blocks that need to be reversed. Tap the Hexagon Blocks below to do so!
  • Drag your finger across the screen to place Hexagon Blocks of consecutive colors.
  • Tap and slide! That are the only 2 techniques you need to master in this game.
  • Time limits can be missed if you are not careful.

Bomb Club

Imagine a world where all your friends were explosives experts. Explosions and detonations are suddenly the norm, but you’re not alone in this insanity because each new fuse ignites is just as excited to know as you are! Not only will they guide you through every single level, but they’ll be there with encouragement when that crazy idea finally becomes a success.

We know some say happiness can’t be bought and we normally agree with them; well not today! Today you get all the bombs that need finding, all the challenges waiting to rise up against you, and loads of creativity ready for ignition – it’s nothing short of an exploding party (and if this isn’t enough to get your brain primed for explosive puzzle action then head over here for some statistics and figures to convince you).

With super addictive gameplay and tons of challenging levels, you’ll feel like the king bomb-slinger in no time. It doesn’t matter if your explosive expertise is amateur or expert – all you need is a mad love for things that go BOOM to enjoy building these awesome chain reactions.

You will find more than 20 different bombs that are a lot of fun. There is the Laser bomb, the Black Hole bomb, the Smoke bomb and many more. They each do something different. The Nitronomicon tells you what they all do and how to use them!

Bomb hats are the best thing ever! Put a hat on a bomb and it will get a new effect. There are hats like Party Hats, Hard Hats, and Top Hats. You can never have too many options or too many different types of hats. Your bombs will always look fashionable!

A huge map with many levels for you to explore. There are many different types of levels for you to play. You can explore the map on your own time and find new things as you progress through it. Who knows what you will find at the end?

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