10+ Best New Android Endless Running Games in 2024

Endless runner is one of the most popular genres on Android. Their quick match, addicting gameplay, and simple controls make them an accessible genre.

Hextech Mayhem

Hextech Mayhem is a fast-paced rhythm runner with an auto-runner mechanic.

In Hextech Mayhem, you will take on the role of Ziggs as you rampage through the neighborhoods of Piltover. With its fast-paced rhythm and explosive reactions, you’ll never be bored. Plus, the non-stop action will keep you on your toes, making it the perfect way to release some stress.

Freestyle mayhem allows you to create spontaneous explosions and earn bonus points while dodging the fun police and proving them what they’re missing.

The graphics are pleasant, and the gameplay is fun, albeit casual. Performance isn’t as great as it should be though, and touch controls aren’t responsive enough. Riot Games has missed its mark launching a game that clearly needs more optimization work.

But if you’re looking for something to play on your phone while waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting on the train home from work, this might just do the trick! It’s free to download so you can give it a try without any risk of losing money.

Crazy Warriors

Do you love pixel art? Then this game is for you! Run, jump, shoot, surf, and go as far as possible in this fun, easy-to-play, and highly addictive game.

Moving between different types of settings is always an interesting experience, but it’s even more so when you are required to time your transition. This can get challenging fast if done wrong or not timed correctly!

The game has various stages where the scenery changes with every new level – instead of just having one type for each stage like most endless runners do today. You start off as a superhero shooting bad guys in this particular instance before transitioning into surfer mode later on down the line through all subsequent transitions that happen continuously rather than suddenly after passing through barriers at certain points during gameplay.

It’s a free game with advertisements and in-app purchases, but the only IAP is to get rid of the ads ($1.99), which is always welcomed.

Friends Mart Rush

Help the friends shop at the grocery store by running! Dodge obstacles and collect coins. Friends Mart Rush is an endless running action game with cute graphics you often see in emojis.

In this game, you play as a cute teddy bear which need to get items from the store and dodge obstacles while you do it.

Friends Mart Rush is a fun game for kids to play. You can be an adorable teddy bear running around stores, and you have to grab as many items as you can while trying to avoid obstacles.

So far, there is not much content in the game. You can only get a few skins if you don’t pay and you cannot do anything else. Hopefully, Kakao Games Corp. will add more levels, items, maps, collectibles so the game does not become boring.

You need to go through the market and get items as quickly as you can. Jump over obstacles or slide when you bump into them. Collect carts and costumes that are colorful so you can make a good look!

Om Nom: Parkour

Om Nom: Parkour is the latest to hit the Play Store and it’s a game where you’ll run and zipline across rooftops. As you can see, this new Om Nom auto-runner has been done to death with so many releases in recent years that are just like Om Nom:Parkour but different enough for them not all being called “OmNom.” It’s kind of bland because as players we’re still seeing more monkey games than ever before when there have always been other kinds out there waiting for us on Google Playstore, too!

Let’s get physical as we return to Om Nom’s world and learn about a niche but worthwhile discipline. Parkour is the physical activity of going from point A to point B as quickly, powerfully, and efficiently as possible. The best way to do this is using your own two legs, ideally by jumping off ramps or running up walls – anything so you can travel over obstacles in your path rather than just avoiding them. In this game, master parkour moves like rolling (to prank those pesky kitties) or backflips while playing Om Nom’s favorite endless running games and old-school challenges hidden in the  rooftops of Nomville!

-RACE: Who is the fastest? 10 racers, only one winner!
-EXPLORE: Can you find the fastest route through the rooftops of Nomville? There are thousands of ways to finish a level!
-DO TRICKS: Climb walls, do a wall run, double jump and ride ziplines on your way to victory!

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush

The Joyride endless runner provides you with infinite hours of epic gaming. The game features polished gameplay, new shooting mechanics, jetpack upgrades, and more. All you need to do is join the run, dodge multiple hazards, and discover new shooting skills.

Similar to the first title, Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush features new gameplay, enhances while keeping the actions, including dodging multiple hazards, flying through the lab, dashing and rushing through new laboratories with the help of infinite bullets.

The game has enhanced visuals with reimagined HD graphics. The frame rate is stable with smooth shooting animations. The UI and UX consists of intuitive and easy-to-navigate menus in a fresh modern style.

Collective items:

  • Guns – Different types of weapon can be found in game such as flamethrower, laser beam, umbrella, etc…
  • Powerups – It can enhance the bullets.
  • Vehicles – There are many new crazy prototypes developed by the Legitimate Research department.
  • Jetpack – It can be upgraded to help flying.

Mesh Dash: The Endless Bounce

It is a hardcore casual reflex game that engages both of your fingers to play. Control the power and jump of your ball through infinite platforms as you enjoy high octane music. Compete with and outrun your opponents to achievements and unlock skins and cosmetics.

This is a hard game, but it’s also a casual game. You need two fingers for this game. One finger controls the ball dash while the other finger controls jumping and flying.

Survive through many platforms while listening to intense music. The map is made all new each time, so every replay will be different and challenging.

It is easy to play this game. You can swipe with one finger to steer and tap or hold the other finger to dash. It is fast thinking and concentration that will help you win. You can also have shields on your ship for extra life, but they only work for a while. If your strategy is good enough, then you can survice.

Moving platforms try to break your ball rush. When you bounce on them, they disappear. You can avoid them when you jump over them. When you collect more and more scores, the map will get even harder. For example, huge walls will stop your jumping ball! In addition, there are deadly energy platforms and lasers that make it stop.

Play games where you can beat your friends high scores! You will find out how well you are doing with the game and how far you are from beating your friend’s score.

Faily Skater 2

Speed and precision are all you need to accompany Phil in a breathtaking street race with his skateboard. Collect as many coins as you can while avoiding random obstacles along the way. Enjoy endless gameplay, crushes, and fun as you unlock unique boards and beards to reward your effort.

Phil is back on his skateboard and he needs your help! Avoid obstacles that are in the way. Collect coins as you go. Unlock boards and costumes to make the game even more fun. The game never ends, so have a lot of fun!

• NAVIGATE to avoid obstacles along the way
• COLLECT coins as you go
• UNLOCK unique boards and costumes
• ENDLESS gameplay
• ENDLESS crashes
• ENDLESS fun!

Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run

Ever wanted to play and be a spy? Now you can. Pick the character you like, play with him or her across animated cities. Unlock new gadgets and drive some of the coolest cars ever made. Stay hidden and in stealth mode at all times. The whole city is at your disposal so use it carefully and pay close attention to the detail and possibilities the city has to offer.

Bouncing Buddies

In Bouncing Buddies game, players will guide their character over a series of simple and complicated tracks where they have to jump over obstacles and also move left or right.

Farm Punks

Farm Punks is not your ordinary farm. The game is similar to endless running one. Player will swipe to roll the character down a diverse mountain landscape full of obstacles. You can sell fruit to upgrade trees, collect parts to build vehicles, and upgrade your cannon to launch even farther.

Stickman Dash Runner

Stickman Dash Runner is a challenging game of auto-runner, different from any other auto-runner game. One has to bring along twitch-reflexes to achieve success in this game. One who is bored of all other auto-runners on playstore can readily start to play this game

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