13 Best New Android Roguelike Games in 2024

A roguelike is normally associated with procedurally generated maps, pema-death or heavy penalty on death.

Dungeon and Gravestone

It’s been several years since the release of Dungeon of Gravestone and the developers are back with a new system and story. In this game, you find yourself awakened from a deep slumber to find the city destined to be devoured by the Demon King of Death. It’s your turn to set up gravestones and stop him!

In this dungeon-crawling RPG, you must save the world from certain doom. Dive into dangerous dungeons, collect items and strengthen your equipment in order to make your way further down. With exciting boss battles and a rich story, this is an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Enter the Dungeon and take the initiative in fiendish combat. Given a touch screen, you have access to many useful features! Travel to various towns while solving quests from NPC’s and exploring labyrinths. Encounter other adventurers on your journey and ally with them for survival!

Dungeons are full of surprises so stay attentive at all times or this could be your gravestone story.

Dungeon and Gravestone is a roguelike dungeon crawler that takes place in an ever-changing city destined to be devoured by the Demon King of Death. You will need to awaken your hero’s power if you want any hope of stopping him. This game features stylish graphics, simple controls, and fast-paced action.

Comix Breaker

Comix Breaker is a deckbuilding-roguelike game that contains PvP modes. There are many different combinations that you can find in comic books. You will need to try hard and be patient.

COMIX BREAKER is a game where you defeat monsters from comic books. You can build your deck of cards the way you want to play and win.

There is never enough time for boredom. New comics are being updated all the time, and monsters will always find a way to get in your hair.

Find your best cards and snacks, and pair them together! Have these combinations help you get stronger, or take away cards that are not helping you complete a deck.

You can collect a lot of things and make them stronger. The monsters will ve defeated easily.

If you want to use equipment cards, make sure you have the right ones. Each card is different and can help make your deck stronger. Add these cards and be more powerful!

You will play a game with 5 other players in a 20-minute time. You will try to be the first one to win. If you win, you will get rewards and feel amazing!

There are new things in every season! Some of these things are exclusive to the season. You can play in Competitive Mode to get better rewards.

Breach Wanderers

Breach Wanderers is a free roguelike deck building game, which means you’ll have to ‘buy’ cards with mana in order to improve your abilities and make it through the dungeons.

You start with 8 playable heroes that each offers a unique set of abilities, 5 explorable maps – 500 collectible cards all together. Breach Wanderers is single-player only but feels like what combat would feel like in games like Slay the Spire.

Breach Wanderers is a new take on the Roguelike Deckbuilding genre, combining elements from Collectible Card Games, CCGs, and more.

 Build your own decks and choose which cards you’ll see each time you enter the breach. With an abundance of creative freedom, choose your hero from a roster of diverse archetypes, create your deck with unlimited possibilities before setting off for new trials.


  • Build your Deck: You should create a deck before you start playing. You won’t see cards that you don’t want to see! Breach Wanderers has many different strategies to play with when fighting through the breach.
  • RPG Grinding: You can make your hero stronger by leveling up. You can also change the game for your playstyle with guild upgrades.
  • Roguelike Elements: While you can choose how to start your journey in the Breach, what you may find there is different every time! Monsters, special events, items and challenges are all randomized. That means that each run will be a unique adventure!

Protect the Realm

This is a unique deck-based game having special twists. The plot is simple and requires protecting the monarch from the enemies through techniques and cleverly used spells. The game features customizable methods of upgrading cards in different imaginable ways. These upgrades are written down permanently in the text. It will require the players to make use of the forces to resist the invading forces. There will be mysterious events between the battles that will keep the players on their toes. These events will be a key to upgrading cards and bringing in new results.

  • The main mission is to defend your monarch from waves of enemies using tactical decisions and clever use of spells.
  • The cards are very customizable. You can upgrade any cards in your deck in different imaginable ways, then the upgrades are written in to their text permanently.
  • You can employ the forces to hold back the tide of invaders. There are mystery events between battles that forces you to keep on your toes and offers you opportunities to enhance your deck.
  • As in all other roguelikes, battles and maps are procedurally generated leading to a different experience every time.

Dwarf Journey

Dwarf Journey is a game that requires you to defeat enemies, forge epic mineral equipment and go on a long journey to find immortality. Gallar knows his days on earth are numbered. He can feel the presence of death creeping in with every breath he takes, but that won’t stop him from living life to its fullest before time runs out! The noble warrior seeks a way to live forever and ventures into Valley of Eternity, an ancient cave deep within one of Earth’s most dangerous mountain ranges rumored to hold eternal life-granting powers. The game consists of randomly generated levels, which you’re required to level up for even more lethal weapons and equipment.


  • Random generated dungeon – This game offers challenging new experiences every time you play it. You can never be bored with this game, and it’s great for all skill levels.
  • Different ways to enhance your character – You can defeat enemies and bosses to get experiences and customize the character the way you want.
  • Loot – Gather ores and weapon blueprints you find in the depths of the cave and take them to the village blacksmith. Together, you’ll forge finer equipment! You can also obtain runes around the cave that will give your hero extra features. Assemble your build with up to three runes, forge items for better protection so enemies don’t get too close or choose a powerful new ability—like more damage on attacks from afar or health regeneration when not attacking—and set up your character in any way possible using this RPG game‘s crafting system.


Knightin+ is a classical game that draws inspiration from a 90s masterpiece. It requires you to explore your combat skills by fighting your way through dangerous dungeons. Overcome all traps, solve puzzles and collect as many magical artifacts as you can. The game is renowned for its excellent pixel art graphics. It also has full controller support and a catchy soundtrack to give you a memorable gaming experience.

The game is an attempt to inherit the spirit of the original Legend Of Zelda from way back in 1986. In Knightin’+ you play the role of Sir Lootalot, a brave knight, in a world with a practically nonexistent narrative. Even though the game was original for game console, the game’s intro is very short and push player to start their adventure right away. 

The game offers common tasks of a roguelike action RPG for player to do. Through doing puzzles, grinding gold and completing dungeons, you can level the protagonist with new skills.

None of the puzzles are too hard or tricky to solve. Their difficulty is just enough to make player immerse in the game. There are 2 types of puzzles, one is to move blocks around each other to fit into glowing spaces, the other is to light circle in correct order.

Knightin’+ has a simple yet working sound and graphics.  The animations of the hero and monsters are clear and fluid.

Overall, Knightin’+ worth every penny for a mobile game.

Eternis Heroes – Pixel Roguelike RPG

This game has a new world that is generated procedurally every time you play. Additionally, it is a turn-based RGP to give you the best gaming experience. Eternis Heroes is completely free. The game has thrilling encounters, loots, and monsters to keep you glued to your screen. Pick your unique hero with unique abilities and get started!

Eternis Heroes is a a free, turn-based RPG with every item and area randomly generated each time you play. Select from eight mighty heroes with unique abilities to jump into an ever changing world where nothing is the same twice!

You can buy new heroes, items, and skins for your game with Diamonds. You need to start your adventure in the world of Eternis, choose a difficulty level, and pick a hero. Fight through three different acts and develop your own strategy to win against Astaroth the Lord of Hell. If you succeed, you will be made into a legend in the Hall of Fame!


  • Eight playable characters with a unique focus and powerful abilities
  • One hundred items with a variety rarities and effects
  • Over 30 enemies and bosses
  • Three world locations: the Fairy Forest, the Shifting Sands, and Howling Hell
  • Over 50 tiles that you can interact with
  • Unlockable items, characters and cosmetics
  • More than 20 quests to help you on your journey
  • Hardcore gameplay where your Heroes will die frequently
  • Online High Score – Compete with other players
  • Eighteen achievements to complete
  • Procedurally generated world with endless replayability

Bullet Knight: Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game

Bullet Knight equips the gamer with an exclusive annihilator rifle to take out monsters as they come. But the deadline weapon is of little benefit without quick reflexes, and supporting weapons. A creative combination of skills and hero abilities are additional features that further enhance your experience with Dungeon Crawl Shooting Game.

You’ve been warned before about bringing a club to gun fight, but these monsters didn’t get the memo. Tap to play and release bullets with just one tap of your finger per shot in this bullet hell game where you need quick reflexes for powerful equipment like guns or swords and lots more than that too – thousands of rounds!

In Bullet Knight, the player can explore dungeons for as long as they want. As a bullet hell game, it offers you an exploration of different weapons and abilities that will help get your through unlimited levels. In this boss battle-style RPG roguelike game with never ending gameplay; players collect equipment to equip their hero before engaging in combat with enemies which provide rewards after being defeated by dodging bullets while fighting them off!


  • Random and exciting abilities make every game different. Explore vast deserts or war-torn battlefields with hundreds of maps to choose from in an endless adventure. Never end battles filled with monsters to fight and weapons to collect are waiting for you too.
  • Find powerful ultimate attacks along your journey – they will change how combat looks like forever as well as Dungeon Bosses who can only be defeated by true warriors whose skills surpass all others’ expectations; even if it means harnessing a weapon’s power when crafting them together into one perfect gun for each mission ahead of us while offline playing is possible anytime we want.
  • Bullet time and shooting game gameplay! Tap to move, release to attack your enemies – feel the power of devastating ultimate attacks that will change how combat looks like forever as well as crafting weapons with different types of materials we get along our journey to make them even stronger; which is needed when entering bullet hell stages where swarms of enemies shoot endless bullets at us.

Dashero: Archer & Sword 3D

This action game brings in loads of disasters, challenging monsters and a hero who can sort everything out. The smash and hit shooter brings in a unique style of magic and sword attacks, outstanding 3D effects and an addictive gameplay. No matter how good you are, there is always a challenge waiting.

As a Archer & Sword Master, you are invited into this sword and magic fantasy world. To beat all challenges, you got to farm coins for weapons and runes that provide special skills in order to be the true Hero. The game has an invincible swordsman with long-range magical powers who is powerful enough kill any bad guy they come across! Gear up yourself by mastering your weapon–the ArcHero will bounce off walls using his cloak as wings.

This addictive offline 3D RPG Roguelike features:

1) A power packed roguelike smash & hit shooter – become the real Archero (like “archer” but cooler!)

2) Experience unique combat system of Sword + Magic staff at same time simultaneously; slash attack while defending from long-range magic

3) Awesome & fantastic 3D effects of the world design that will please you most

4) Be it gameplay, be it in visuals or be it sounds & music, we have left no stone unturned to provide joy and wonder every time

5) Super spectacular battle effects and fights against strange creatures

6) Carefully designed & eye-catching, aesthetic character design with unique special combat skills

7) Be it in gameplay or visualization, the game will keep you hooked for months

Robo Blaster: Guns! Shoot! Boom!

Control your crazy robot, fight and shoot everything that moves. You get a bunch of fun weapons, as well as all kinds of enemies to fight. The game is basic, yet extremely sophisticated. You only need one finger to handle the controls.

Darkest Rogue

The game is about finding a book, but getting there takes ages and tons of challenges. Controls are magnificent, while the worlds and adventures are heart racing and heavily unpredictable. Skills are unique and you have infinite combinations.

Black Paradox

Here the player will control a spacecraft through space and defeat or try to defeat Hellraisers and 7 commanders. The game is simple in graphics but has plenty of various weapons. There are 20 weapons, 13 drones, 8 combos and 37 powerups.


Archero is Archer Hero. You will play as an archer who can shoot arrows or throw anything from a boomerang to a scythe in beautiful worlds and hundreds of maps. Each play offers random and unique skills to help you crawl these dungeons. Archero is a game developed by Habby, the same developers who have developed another game called Flaming Core. Archero is a game where you play as an archer, as you could’ve guessed from the name. You take this archer on a quest to defeat evil monsters progressing through each chapter.

Do you like roguelite games? Well, I’m pretty sure you are. I’m also pretty sure that you’ve heard of the game Archero. If you’re a beginner, there are definitely a lot of techniques and strategies that you probably don’t know of yet. Anyway, before we get to the tips we have in store for you, let’s talk about what this game, Archero, is about.

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