6 Best Android Baseball Games in 2024

Baseball is a popular game in the US. Like soccer, there are many games that embrace real life clubs and athletes to make the game real to baseball fans. If you’re not near a field, or don’t feel like dealing with other people, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game. These best Android baseball games will let you do just that. And they’re all pretty affordable, so there’s no excuse not to try them all out!

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021

This game is the return of the famous MLB baseball game. The game requires making a team of real players of MLB and traveling to some of the authorized ballparks. It involves playing nine innings of the game and taking the team to the top position.

It has an added new event called Club rally, a new mode called Pitching, a world Rankings Season, and an option for connecting TSB20 account for maintaining the All-Star team levels. The game offers the players a full day enjoyment based upon a countless number of events.

What is new in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021?

  • New Event: Club Rally – You can work together with your club to win better and bigger rewards!
  • New Mode: Pitching! – You can throw HEAT for the first time in TSB history! Can you throw a perfect inning?
  • World Rankings Seasons – The game breaks into seasons and allows players to assert their dominance in world wide seasons with rewards!
  • The game supports TSB20 save. You can connect TSB20 account to transfer your All-Star Levels, bring over Keepers from the old game to TSB21, and get some other benefits.


  • Authentic MLB in every way – Players can enjoy 2021 MLB Teams, MLBPA Players, and MLB Ballparks.
  • Collect MLB players – There is a huge number of stars waiting to be collected, from current superstars to the all time greats.
  • You can team up with baseball fans to dominate in Club Events and share the rewards.
  • Player customization – You can create your own player and add him to your team.
  • Countless game modes supported: Slugfest, Home Run Battles, Walk Off Hero, Event Royale, Pickā€™em, Season Mode, Pitching Labs, Club Rally, and many more.
  • The game will be constantly updated with content and challenges based on the real live events of the MLB.

MLB 9 Innings 22

MLB 9 Innings is the ultimate mobile baseball game. It is officially licensed by MLB and features fully updated team logos, uniforms, stadiums, etc. for the 2022 season. There are approximately 2,000 MLB star players and 600 types of hitting & pitching forms, all perfectly implemented in realistic, full 3D graphics. You can also meet the 2022 LIVE Players. The players’ actual game records will change through Live Updates held every 2 weeks!

In addition, there is a Power Ranking Tournament where you can battle to win 1st place. You can also enjoy the pick’em Tournament and win accumulated rewards! Finally, there are new Historic players and Supreme cards added! Baseball heroes of the past are added, such as Randy Johnson, Mike Piazza, Greg Maddux, Cal Ripken Jr., and Tony Gwynn in Supreme cards!

Baseball 9

Baseball 9 is a game that captures the fast pace of the sport while still keeping the player engaged. The characters are casual and the game mechanics are serious, making for a unique experience. Pitching and fielding are just as fun as batting, and you can play base running manually if you want.

The comprehensive player stats make it easy to keep track of your team’s progress. The improved Autoplay feature is a great addition, allowing you to automate certain aspects of the game so you can focus on the action.

You can also rename, gear up, and customize your players to create a unique team. An offline mode is a great option for those times when you want to play without an internet connection.

Super Hit Baseball

Super Hit Baseball is the ultimate arcade baseball game for mobile. Collect and upgrade 80+ superstar players, clash online against friends and competitors from around the world, unlock unique stadiums, and climb to the top of the leaderboards in major league competitions.

With easy one tap and flick controls that anyone can play, Super Hit Baseball is quickfire baseball action at your fingertips. So step up to the plate and swing for the fences!

Baseball Star

Baseball fans, this is the game for you! Introducing Baseball Star, the ultimate baseball game for your mobile device. With Baseball Star, you can enjoy all the thrills and excitement of baseball without even having to connect to the internet. That’s right, you can enjoy this game offline! Plus, there are plenty of daily free bonuses to be had, like player cards, items, and game points. So what are you waiting for? Download Baseball Star today and start playing!

In Baseball Star, you can enjoy a real full 3D baseball game with both playing and management modes. You can create your own team and build up your roster exactly how you want it by editing player features. And once you’ve got your team set up, you can make them even more powerful by winning championships in various leagues. There are five leagues to choose from: Minor, Major, Master, Champion, and Legend. So rise up through the ranks and become a true baseball legend!

Baseball Star also supports tablet PCs, so you can enjoy the game on a larger screen. But no matter what device you’re playing on, we’re sure you’ll have a blast with this fun and addicting game.

Home Run High

You’re the coach of a high school baseball team. Your players have a lot of potentials, but it’s up to you to help them realize it. With the right training and facilities, you can turn this small club into a powerhouse! Assign your players to practice drills to make them better at batting or pitching. Improve the team’s environment by installing batting cages, showers, or other facilities.

If you house your players in a dorm, they’ll have more time for both studying and baseball practice! Pick your best players for the team and test their skills at tournaments. With your guidance, this team can go all the way!

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