6 Best New Android Anime-Style Games in 2024

Anime and gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re looking for a great new Android game like an anime, then these are the best ones to try out! These games are addicting and fun so I know that you’ll love them as much as I do.

This article will give you some recommendations on my favorite Android games with anime-style graphics. We have everything from puzzle games to RPG’s and first person shooters. You won’t be disappointed with any of the choices listed below!

The best new Android anime-style games are always the most popular downloads on Google Play, because they provide an immersive experience with a story that pulls gamers in from start to finish.


As any fan of rhythm games knows, a good name is essential for any game in the genre. A catchy name can help to draw in new players, and a clever name can enhance the overall experience. Unfortunately, not all rhythm games are blessed with great names. PoTII: RB is one of these unfortunate titles. Despite its clunky name, however, PoTII: RB is actually a pretty fun rhythm game. It has a tennis theme, but that theme works surprisingly well with the design of the game where you will tap on your screen to match up with music that goes from fast guitar riffs to soft piano melodies.

In the game, you create a unique order of chibi characters who play tennis while you play through the character song. The main theme for the game, “RisingBeat,” is also included. Rise and play along to the beat of The Prince of Tennis character songs!

Ragnarok Labyrinth

This game is one of the premier role play games featuring the world of Ragnarok. It is beautifully designed with iconic stages and monsters that are associated with this dimension. The game will also feature some unique maze dungeons as an added and new feature. The game keeps the major elements associated with the Ragnarok IP series of gaming. It also sports a new feature called ‘Sharevice’ that allows players to grow their characters by allowing them to be shared and used by other players. It also includes feature specialized gears and costumes for characters and allows trading earned goods with other players.

Hero Ball Z

Collect unique characters and enjoy a mix of shooters and RPGs! The characters are taken from Game Of Dice and work together to help you save the planet. The game is not all about fighting, but also about evolving skills and developing clever strategies.

Hero Ball Z is a game that is like an Idle RPG game combined with Bullet Hell. It’s not your everyday Idle RPG because it has Bullet Hell in it. So you will have the charm of an Idle RPG, but with a bunch of bullets on screen at once!

Awesome heroes are waiting for you! Collect awesome characters from the hit game “Game of Dice”! Combine Novices to make even more awesome Heroes!

The game is a beautiful new spin on Idle action. It has an eye catching, cute character and it is like a bullet hell. There are many levels to play and you can strategically use special skills in the game!

If you want to play more, there is so much more that you can do! You can raid bosses, PvP, and play the Event Matches. If you leave your hard-working Heroes on idling, then you can enjoy these things.

You need help from your friends to do good in this world. Join forces with other people and form a Union. Then you can work together to fight against anything that is bad.

Vanguard ZERO

Vanguard ZERO is a mobile-friendly Card Battle RPG game. You can enjoy both PVP battles and a single-player gaming session. There are two modes for you. The PVP Mode is about Vanguard ZERO Rules, while the Story Mode represents Cardfight!! Vanguard animation. Vanguard ZERO is a free game with in-app purchases.

Fable Valley

Enjoy the most spectacular valley of all time. Collect heroes, master the game with them and protect the valley. Join others and participate in stunning games that involve skills, magic and complete personalization of each character available in the game.


The game is finally available for all smartphones and it comes in bright light. The game follows the life of two characters, Tamers and Digimon. They will grow old together and develop their friendship. Players can enjoy new characters, modern graphics, and traditional elements.

Digimon Rearise is the latest game developed by the Bandai Namco for android phones and Ios platforms. It said to be the first Digimon titles have released on mobile. As a well-known franchise on various gaming platforms, Digimon Rearise definitely is a treat for a long-time fan of the franchise. In this tune based RPG game, it has daily missions and quests from various monsters. You have to be defeated, and it also has a Digimon team to improve.

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