6 Best Android Gacha Games in 2024

Gacha games implements the gacha (capsule-toy vending machine) mechanic, which is similar to loot box. This genre is fun but it is drawing lots of anger from players with Pay-to-win gate.

Final Gear

Final Gear is marketed as a strategic role-playing game, but it’s really a gacha game with lots of girls to collect, coupled with the convenience of slotting those waifus in mechs that you’ll use in battle.

Remodel your mechs at your leisure, recruit a variety of gorgeous pilots with various professions, and participate in breath-taking mecha fights!

It’s time to go on an adventure with Strong Mechs and Cute Pilots! Captain, let us combine our forces!


  • Create your own mechs with limitless possibilities!
  • Hundreds of components may be earned by clearing stages or part creation, and then used to construct extremely strong mechs! You can also pick up beautiful custom mech costumes as you go!
  • There are over 100 distinct pilots with a variety of personalities and occupations!
  • The pilots are each unique in personality, abilities and model. They also have their own voices! But training them is not easy for you as they fight against the computer or other players’ teams. You’ll need to unleash some violence if want victory so choose wisely which pilot best suits your needs before it’s too late…
  • Developing your own base and having pilots produce products while you’re AFK is an interesting idea!
  • Create structures such as dormitories, observation rooms, hangars, research laboratories, warehouses, and more. Each room comes with its own set of perks and resources. Make your own base by selecting which rooms to construct and building them!
  • Perfect side-scrolling shooter experience with Strategic & dynamic maps.
  • Choose your lineup carefully based on the terrain, the enemy’s lineup, and your goal. There are a lot of tactical activities to do at your leisure!

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days is themed on the anime and manga series of KonoSuba, where the protagonist can only summon member of a harem in showdown against enemies. This is perhaps not a very good game, but you can collect some anime girls to decorate your phone.

Travelers, you have been summoned to a world under threat of the devil king’s army. Despite the adventure being long and dangerous, you will not be going on an empty handed journey. The story will feature all your favorite KonoSuba characters, plus some new faces.

Though your adventure will be difficult, you can count on Aqua’s cleverness to get you out of most trouble. That being said, even she can’t ward off the giant thugs that make travel dangerous…

  • Join Kazuma in a quest to laze around and live a carefree life. He finds out that he was tricked into saving the realm from the Devil King instead! Relive your favorite slapstick moments from the KonoSuba series with scenes exquisitely rendered in expressive animations.
  • You will find new stories and meet new friends. They will tell you their story and what they like about it.
  • This game is about adventures. There are many characters in the game that you can play with. They have different personalities and skills, but they all work together to complete the quest.
  • Play as a group of chẩcters with different elemental powers who are fighting monsters. You can use skills that make things explode. You might be the best player in your area, so you can try to climb to the top of the leaderboard for this game.

NieR Re[in]carnation

From the makers of Final Fantasy, NieR Re[in]carnation is a command-action RPG for mobile devices.

The game is a high-quality RPG experience from Yoko Taro. This is a free gacha game. It has some things that people might not like. But it’s still fun to play. Some things are paid for, but there are also free things too.

This is a game for people who like the series. It has music and an interesting story that tells about the history of weapons. The balance in the game is good, so it is not hard to play all the time.


There is a place called The Cage. A girl wakes up on the floor and she finds herself in an infinitely large place with buildings that touch the sky. Mama helps her explore her surroundings. She starts out to find what she lost and tries to atone for her sins.


The Girl of Light: The Girl of Light woke up on the ground. She was in a place called The Cage and didn’t know why she had been put there. But she had a bright personality and her dreams were not always bad.

Mama: Mama is a strange creature who knows something. She helps the girl find The Cage.

The Dark Monster: The Dark Monster is a strange being that wanders through the Cage. It is like a knight, but it also looks like an insect. It has a goal and you must solve the puzzle to find out what it is.


In this game you can use commands to tell your character what to do. There is also an auto mode where the computer will handle everything for you. It is made for beginners to enjoy the game.

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast, an in-app purchase heavy generic SRPG just dropped on the Play Store and it’s just like all of other games in the same genre. Despite the game looks like a normal SRPG, it’s not.

Battles are easy or hard. It seems normal, right? You’ll either grind or need to pay to win in hard battles. But even if you pay, it doesn’t mean that you will get better heroes or items or win a battle easily. That’s why gacha games can be compared to gambling because that’s all they are: gambling with money!

You, an Aurorian, are a person from your ancient civilization. You command the Colossus, who is a relic from that time. Fly through the sacred cities and harsh deserts to find The Light with your friends and allies, all with their own personalities. It is time to lead The Light and save the world!


  • The developer has made a team of 150 talented artists. They have illustrated the characters that you can find in Auroria. There are exciting battle animations and breathtaking concept designs in this game.
  • In this voiceover, you will be able to meet many interesting characters. They have actors for each of these characters so that you can enjoy it with us.
  • There are many unique characters with unique personality. Carleen is a captain at Lumo Gardens, she likes justice. Istvan is the leader of Umbraton and he likes loyalty. Kleken is a trickster who can lie without batting an eye. Sinsa leads The Rediesel Wrench and lives carefreely with his comrades. Bethlehem is the ruler of Northland.

My Hero Academia

The latest anime/manga to receive a mobile game interpretation is My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Sony is the studio behind this release. My Hero Academia is a game where you explore an overworld full of enemies that keeps giving you prompts to fight.

It also does what all gacha games do, which is encourage the player to keep spending cash on progressively more expensive things. As anyone would expect, the game is full of in-app purchases because Sony wants to cash in on this popular franchise just like it does with any Android branded games.

A fun and exciting adventure awaits in the world of My Hero Academia! Take powerful quirks into battle, fight villains with your friends, and become a hero for real (or not).

Players can explore Honei Town, with the many heroes and aspiring heroes. They can walk through the streets, greet various citizens of this town, and fight villains that threaten world security. You can collect your favorite MHA heroes, create a squad for patrol, and train and upgrade your team to the top of the Hero Rankings!


  • Choose a hero – You can control All Might and other Defeat characters other in famous a game heroes. in You a series of can fight matches on with different plenty stages that of you combat choose arenas. You can help pro heroes take care of the city and make it a safe place. They will ask you for help to protect people, stop criminals, or save cats–whatever they need!
  • Beautiful graphics and effects – In this game, you can see graphics and animations that are really good. It is made for each person’s quirk. There is a special move that only you can do in the end of the battle.
  • Master your character for PVP – Learn about the character you like the best and don’t lose again! You can fight against people in one on one duels. Make sure to use combos, time your abilities, and never give up.
  • Join a Hero society – You can play with other people. You can talk to them and make friends. You can join Unions to create your own agency.
  • Daily events – Every day, you can complete quests, receive login rewards, participate in special stages and fight the boss. It is exciting! You have been given the chance to start and your journey has just begun.


Enter the Netherworld, a place ruled by demons and monsters. It is far beyond any ocean or cave as it’s dark with chaos reigning over all creatures that live there. But now this realm will open to anyone brave enough to enter into its depths for an exciting adventure awaits at the top of each level. Enter the dark world in search of raising your Overlord to be at his strongest possible level!

In Disgaea RGP, protagonists like Laharl, Flonne, Valvatorez, Etna, Adell, Mao, and more reunites in a strange world. The protagonists start an adventure that quickly becomes filled laughter at their reunion as well as tears when they recall better times from before in order for them to get back home.

The game uses the turn-based combat system which fans of series are familiar with.

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