5 Best New Android Merge Games in 2024

The merge games on Android are becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to see why, too! Merging is a lot of fun and it can be really addicting. There are so many different types of games where you merge things, like puzzles, matching games, and strategy-based ones. You should definitely check out one or two for yourself if you haven’t already!

There are a variety of new and exciting Android merging games on the market today. These games help you make decisions about what to merge together in order to create something that is more valuable than the individual parts. Get ready for hours of gameplay while having fun with your favorite device at hand!

Merge Monster Evolution: Summon & Merge RPG

Merege games are the latest trend in gaming, and Merge Monster Evolution is one of those vying for your attention. It has all the same mechanics as 2048 or Threes!.

Monster Battle is a game with RPG mechanics. In this game, you will fight monsters. Collecting and merging are the most important things to do in this game, but sometimes it’s not as fun because it can get boring. It has some problems with monetization too. But there is still some fun to be had with the merge mechanic of Monster Battle if you like that sort of thing.

You can summon monsters with different skills. You need special stones to do it.

Merge monsters to make them stronger. Monsters evolve and look cooler as they change. Collect about 50 kinds of powerful monsters.

You can make your own monster squad! The more monsters you summon and merge, the stronger it will be. Defeat boss monsters with your powerful monster squad.

Merge Magic

Merge Magic is the newest entry in the famous family-friendly line of games for smartphones. You will enter a supernatural empire that has lots of fantastical creatures and objects to merge as one. As you move forward, you have the chance to create more powerful creatures, bigger objects as well as have more rooms for uniting activities.

You can create magical creatures with the eggs. They will help you solve challenging puzzle levels like matching items to win. Bring the rewards back to your Garden so you can collect them and grow them.


Below is a list of tricks and tips which can assist you maximized your time in playing this game.


This is your plant or factory for wood logs, coins as well as fail. These can be generated in the garden. However, to make more coins and wood logs, you have to unite the creature. You have to follow some missions and tasks to move to a higher level.

Merge to Get Lots of Coins

Once you merge more creatures, you’ll be rewarded with lots of coins. However, you must begin merging creatures without following the listed tasks. Look into the first task and follow it, then begin uniting creature. Doing this can assists you in increasing your level as well as getting lots of coins.

When you create higher levels of creatures, you will become faster, and powerful as well as complete more harvesting work and get magic power to use in unlocking more land. So, merge at least three creatures for you to become more powerful.

Quest Mission

Once you press the start button located on the left corner of the home page, you will see the list of the tasks/missions that you have to follow. Doing the mission allows you to reap coins and quests. It is advisable to follow the tasks to speed up the process of going to a higher level.

Earn Rewards in the form of Coins

Like in any mobiles games, coins play a very important role. In Merge Magic, coins can be earned through selling creatures you build, buy from the store, or completing the level.


You have to avoid selling blessing eggs because it helps a lot in getting fairies. Therefore, it just sells those which are rare and hard to build.

World Map

It is advisable to explore the world map only if the creatures are resting. During this time, you aren’t able to farm anything in the garden. So, this is your chance to travel around the map.

In every challenge, you can break your record three times, and this will allows you to get coins.

In every task, you need to have one important thing to consider; merging broke idols. In all tasks, you have to unite the merge idol as early as possible. Merging depends on your techniques and power, so ensure your technique is better enough to merge broken idols as fast as possible.

Gather Daily Quest and Get Coins

You can settle on the daily mission. By following the quest, you will receive rewards. It is highly advisable to collect these rewards for future use.

Om Nom: Merge

Om Nom is back and this time, he needs your help to merge his buddies into powerful new creatures! Satisfying gameplay and adorable graphics make for an irresistible experience as you guide Om Nom through dozens of fruity levels. Collect all sorts of Nommies, discover new locations, and use spells to make fruit grow faster. You’ll have a blast merging your way to success!

Mage Dice

Mage Dice is the perfect game for those who want to defended their castle against countless enemies. By merging dice and summoning magic, you can upgrade your magical abilities and become powerful enough to protect your home.

The different colors of the dice represent different spells, so you can choose which ones to use based on your needs.

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