8 Best Android Card Battle (Deck Builder) Games in 2024

If you’re looking for a new card game to try, there are plenty of options out there. There are many games that pit two players against each other by utilizing cards with different abilities and powers. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponent’s hero before they can win themselves! You can also play solo matches where you challenge AI-controlled opponents in order to improve your skills or just have fun. These types are kind of involvement from the original genre.

The classic Card Battle games are a type of video game where players use cards to battle each other. The most popular card battling games have been Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic the Gathering. Recently though some new Android card battling games have risen in popularity.

In addition, this blog post includes a list of more games worth checking out if you enjoy playing card battle games on Android devices.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter has been the world’s favorite wizard for over 20 years, and now you can feel the excitement of being a Hogwarts student and dueling with your friends in multiplayer gameplay!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a new CCG and RPG that takes you to Hogwarts to interact with fellow students, professors, and other alumni. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened revolves around collecting cards that are organized into decks for the player’s character.

Wizards collect them for the character to complete quests, duel against one another, or even challenge Death Eaters in order to save Hogwarts from destruction.

With over 80 cards to collect, you can master powerful magic spells and charms from Aguamenti to Wingardium Leviosa. Summon fantastic beasts like the Unicorn, Cornish Pixies, or Phoenix. Or unleash powerful artifacts like the Monster Book of Monsters to aid you in PvP brawls and PvE challenges.

Visit the shops of Diagon Alley, adopt new fantastic beasts as pets, and take on other players in duels.

You can customize your own Wizard or Witch with the latest wizarding fashions from Diagon Alley, and decorate your shared dormitory. Attend classes together and solve mysteries buried deep within Hogwarts and beyond.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a free-to-play mobile game, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money.

Featuring an excellent cell-shaded look that’s not too demanding, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened looks great on any device. The simple yet stylish graphics make navigating around Hogwarts a breeze. One of the reasons the game runs so well is that the developers opted for 2D rather than 3D visuals.

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the player must navigate through a series of challenges and tasks in order to progress. However, this is hampered by the need to spend money to be successful. The game features heavy monetization that leans towards paying to win.

Indies’ Lies

Indies’ Lies is a roguelike with a card game twist. The good news is that it’s a single-player experience that’s appropriately monetized.

The game also adds more variety to the deck-building process, allowing you to quickly swap cards as you progress. There are three maps to explore and three distinct classes for each hero.

Indies’ Lies is a rather polished single-player roguelike card game, as it is a fresh release.

Humans have become the “lords of all things” on land, from the original ancient clan of the Alrayans to the migrating Elruips and Normaasts, who were “exiled” to the end of the world. Humanity has developed a variety of civilizations, including alpine, plains, and nomadic.

The belief in old gods, such as Strockanos, was initially uniform throughout time despite the fact that there were disputes between civilizations and different religious denominations.

However, the arrival of the “new god” Indies, not only brought a new religion but also a new “era” to human civilization and the continent as a whole.

​Different from typical DBG genre building, the developers have modified and optimized the card creation procedure in many ways. The original cards may be directly swapped in, and the free inlay runes keep the cards more theme-appropriate. The overall genre construction process will go more smoothly, allowing for greater numbers of players to enjoy DBG sooner.

Three distinct professions are anticipated to be accessible in the initial stage of the game. Each profession will have three characters available to play each with its own individual builds. Different sets of talents and lieutenants will be available for each different occupation or even different professions practiced by the same character.

In the game, players may invite up to two lieutenants to join their team. Lieutenants come in many shapes and forms, offering you more meat shields while also providing more rich and varied strategic alternatives to heighten the overall excitement of the game.

There are over 200 talents created to satisfy all of your future growth needs in different phases of various genres, with a talent tree that grows with you.

Unravel a Fascinating World is a narrative-driven puzzle game that tells the story of two siblings, Jack and Anna. You’ll play the adventure mode as one of many characters while discovering clues to unlock character-specific story modes, taking you even deeper into the mythology caught between old and new gods’ beliefs.


Roguelite, deck building, and tower defense are combined with real-time strategy in Ratropolis. Lead your rat colony to safety and protect your rat people from predators and malicious monsters. Become a legend in ratkind by building the greatest ‘Ratropolis!’ and engraving your name into rodent history!

Choose from over 500 different cards in each of the five categories of economy, construction, military, and expertise to carry out your strategic order. A deck of eight basic cards is used by all leaders. Creating an efficient deck is critical for defending your rats from a wave of rat-thirsty foes. To build a deck worthy of a real leader, add, remove, and upgrade your cards!

It will be hard to defend rats in the city. You need to get help from people who know about finance, defense, or leadership. They will provide you with improved alternatives if things get out of hand. If the city falls, your campaign will end. But you can expand your options by getting new cards and using defense as a way to do something different.

You have to lead the rodents of Ratropolis to victory and preserve your rats from devastation!


  • Unique Gameplay: Players control a single hero, who must complete objectives in real time on a tile-based map, while simultaneously defending against incoming attackers. It’s an unusual hybrid of card game and roguelite/tower defense! Have you ever played a game like this before?
  • Very Addictive: Highly engaging and quick gameplay that necessitates fast decision-making and response.
  • Replayability: A complex game that is simple to pick up but difficult to master.
  • 100+ Events: Every time you play, you get a unique experience thanks to random decision events.
  • 500+ Cards: Acquire new cards and features, becoming more powerful after each game.
  • 6 Possible Endings: Choose the end you want!
  • There are 6 leaders. Each has its own special skills and personality traits.

Cards of Terra

Playing Cards of Terra alone involves solitaire-like card play combined with gameplay seen in a collectible card game.

You play as an alien stranded in a fantasy realm and must collect enough magical cards to earn your ride home. The princess can use her psi-powers to control her enemies. You need to remove the enemies from your path to salvation by dragging and dropping them.

Cards of Terra is a vast and inventive one-handed RPG for mobile devices. Play solo or co-op, with up to four players per team. Explore an epic world by gathering treasure, slaying monsters, and encountering classic fantasy characters!

Craft your own unique deck with over 70 unique cards that gain power as you level up in the campaign. Level up your heroes via combat or crafting: explore endless tower levels; defeat 9 bosses; fight hordes of powerful enemies!

Assemble powerful decks for Draft mode, where you can work towards challenging deckbuilding gameplay goals while building an army of diverse units in order to take on opponents across Terra – and earn valuable rewards along the way!

Protect the Realm

This is a unique deck-based game having special twists. The plot is simple and requires protecting the monarch from the enemies through techniques and cleverly used spells. The game features customizable methods of upgrading cards in different imaginable ways. These upgrades are written down permanently in the text. It will require the players to make use of the forces to resist the invading forces. There will be mysterious events between the battles that will keep the players on their toes. These events will be a key to upgrading cards and bringing in new results.

  • The main mission is to defend your monarch from waves of enemies using tactical decisions and clever use of spells.
  • The cards are very customizable. You can upgrade any cards in your deck in different imaginable ways, then the upgrades are written into their text permanently.
  • You can employ the forces to hold back the tide of invaders. There are mystery events between battles that force you to keep on your toes and offer you opportunities to enhance your deck.
  • As in all other roguelikes, battles and maps are procedurally generated leading to a different experience every time.

Slay the Spire

Slay and Spire is a single-player deck builder that has been created to take your blues away. The player is supposed to create a unique deck that will help them slay bizarre creatures baying for their blood. Choose cards wisely that will help you get to the top of the Spire.

Slay the Spire is a game where you can collect cards. You can use these cards to battle enemies. The higher you go up the tower, the more difficult it is because there are more enemies and they have stronger attacks..

Playing the game can be hard. There are many things that can go wrong and it’s different every time you play it. You need to use your deck and other items you find on the way if you want to win.

In the game, there are four characters and many cards and relics. But every time you play, it is different because you have a new combination of cards and relics.


  • Dynamic Deck Building: When you are building your deck, choose the cards wisely. Discover hundreds of different cards with each attempt to climb the Spire. Select cards that work in tandem, providing a suite of effects to dispatch foes efficiently and quickly reach the top.
  • An Ever-changing Spire: When journeying up the Spire, the layout is never the same. It is constantly auto-generated in every visit. Find out what happens when you choose the risky path or the safe one. Face different enemies, choose different cards, and uncover relics. You can even battle a boss that might not show up at all if you pick the other option!
  • Powerful Relics to Discover: Relics are powerful items found throughout the Spire. These relics greatly enhance decks through powerful interactions. Beware: Acquiring a relic can cost much more than gold.

Solitaire: Magical Card Games

With its excellent interactive features, solitaire is compatible with virtually every device. Solitaire ushers you into a new world that is magically adventurous and full of exciting twists. The gamer aims to destroy the evil witch whose agenda is to destroy every knight in the realm and subject people to slavery.

The fairies, knights, and wizards will help you on your magical card game adventure. The evil witch Jill has the intent to destroy the knight’s realm and enslave its people; it is up to them to stop her!

This is a magical solitaire game that offers a lot of twists and turns. You must remove the cards from each level to claim their power, which will allow you to rebuild villages, erect towering castles, or breathe new life into dead forests with just one wave of your magic wand!

Explore a whimsical world of magic and mystery as you build your empire one level at a time. You’ll be able to play with seven different types of buildings, eight suits in the deck, 30 achievements for maximum bragging rights; plus wilds, jokers, and powerups that will help you get ahead even faster!

From 280 magic levels (you’re never bored!) through 7 different locations with 8 fantastic card suits, 30 great achievements are waiting there just for you – what’s more, wilds and jokers let me get lucky even when things go south… but don’t worry about anything going wrong during your playtime because powerups will help you stay afloat.

Soul of Eden

Soul of Eden is a PvP competitive game that combines real-time strategy with card games. Each match is four-minute long which is suitable for mobile. There are 4 factions to choose from, The tech-savvy Republic, the unpredictable Aliens, the sword-and-magic wielding Empire, and the savage Beasts, and over 100 unique cards, with deck flexibility of 30 cards to form your winning strategy.

Soul of Eden is a game where you put cards on the table and then take turns deploying units. You can play as one of four different factions. You will need to make sure you have the right kind of cards for your faction and that they fit in with what you want them to do. The game has over 100 cards with 30 slots in your deck so there are many combinations possible!

Soul of Eden is a dramatically new way to experience multiplayer strategy games. Fast-paced, skill-based, and competitive the game combines elements from card games with RTS mechanics to make something truly unique. The game is designed so that it can be played by all types of players across the world: whether you are an expert or just want to have fun, you will find your play style in Soul of Eden.

There are many strategies possible in Soul of Eden due to the amount cards available and the ways that decks can be built. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as its own flavor which a player may choose if they wish! Whilst some units have very simple abilities others demand more thought and planning but it is this kind of diversity that makes Soul of Eden rich and exciting to play.

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