10+ Best New Android Real-Time Strategy Games in 2024

Do you love strategy games? Do you have a habit of playing for hours on end, only to find yourself looking at the clock and realizing that it’s 2 in the morning? If so, then this post is perfect for you! I’ve compiled what I think are some of the best free Android real-time strategy games. Whether you enjoy combat or building your own civilization from scratch, there is something here for everyone.

Antiyoy Online

Antiyoy Online has just arrived! This is the latest game from well-known developer, Yiotro. Antiyoy in its newest iteration will allow players to play online with friends and other gamers through a simple and easy interface that makes it quick for anyone to start playing right away.

Say goodbye to your boredom with Antiyoy Online! Antiyoy is an online game that’s easy to learn and can be played against friends. The gameplay is accessible and the UI simple, so the only thing you’ll need is some time (or perhaps a few hours) lying around spare.

Antiyoy Online is so much more than just one of many games that’s out there in the market: it’s available for you 24/7 without any subscription fees or installation required. That means no ads to distract your focus; all you have to do is start playing!

If you’re looking for a beta experience, now is the time to try it out. As Antiyoy Online’s developer continues working through bugs and glitches that are sure to come up in an early release of this game, we have access as players right now before its official launch so you can get your hands on some amazing features from what will be one of 2018’s most anticipated games!

Nano Legends

Nano Legends is an innovative and exciting 3D game that will keep you hooked for hours on end! In this real-time strategy and tower rush game, you will help the Nanos battle against their enemies in a quest to save the great witch, Aillai. With her Antique Shop, she has collected many antiques over the years and she now needs your help to protect her Nanos.

Nano Legends is the perfect game for anyone who enjoys fast-paced, strategic battles. In just minutes, you can deploy heroes to attach other’s towers and become the winner. With a variety of champions to choose from, each with its own unique abilities, you can build and upgrade your team to suit your individual playing style. And with lots of skins and accessories available, you can customize your champions to match your personality.

War Alliance – Real-Time Multiplayer War

War Alliance is an intense, real-time PvP battle game that lets you control your hero around the battlefield in strategic combat. With each unique hero providing new tactical opportunities and various playstyles to master, War Alliance is perfect for players of all levels.

Unlock new cards and upgrade them as you join a clan and team up with friends to prove your mettle in combat. Climb the leaderboard and adjust your tactics for each of 8 different arenas while completing missions for additional rewards. Events, game modes, emotes, and much more are coming soon to War Alliance.

TERA: Endless War

TERA: Endless War is the perfect game for gamers who love strategic battles. With over 2 million downloads, this game has quickly become a fan favorite. Use different classes, formations, troop transport and rally to form unique strategies and dominate your opponents.

TERA: Endless War is a never-ending online strategy game that challenges you to work with other players to gain a foothold against your opponents. Conquer various cities while attacking enemy camps and capturing troops. With high-quality graphics of heroes, buildings and diverse strategy, TERA: Endless War immerses you in the heart of battle like never before!

TITANS : free gems and 8x faster build time

Titans is one of the interesting games, where you can create an army of robots. Your battle is against an AI-enabled system. The game is playable to you in both offline and online mode. You will have free resources and gems to enjoy the game that engages you with a musical effect.

World War Doh: Real Time PvP

World War Doh: Real Time PvP is a real-time strategy game in which you can control your soldiers and destroy your enemies in real-time. Gamers can collect the cards, which will provide them new and better capabilities and make their team stronger.

MINImax Tinyverse

Choose your champion and lead him to victory. In the game, you will be able to lead a unique character who has unique capabilities and can use specific spells to defeat the opponents. Here you can make God from your character and enjoy 1 on 1 battles with countless possibilities.

Ark Rivals

Create your own battleship, customize it, load it with weapons and start fighting. Unlock new ships and customize them as well. Millions of online gamers are waiting for you.

Empire: Age of Knights – New Medieval MMO

Empire: Age of Knights – New Medieval MMO allows players to start and develop their own village and later city in a world after the Orc invasion. There is peace all around this world, but you can end it. A player can live and trade in peace or attack other players.

State of Survival

This game is about surviving in a scenario where terror, hardships and isolation persists for six months. State of Survival begins when infection ripped the entire civilization and very few survivors can still take claim of the infected land. You have to either make friends or you can fight with other survivors.

ROME: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

People who love to play series or games of premium strategy can readily pick this option. It is available for android and interestingly, it contains everything that was available in its mobile version. It is flawless as well, however, mod support is not there. Yet it is among the most interesting games being played.

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