5 Best Android Apps to Create Logo in 2024

Creating a logo for your business isn’t always going to be easy, but you can make it simpler by checking out the right Android based applications. These will be able to help you with the process from start to finish, so go ahead and make sure you know about more about them.

Top Android Logo Maker Apps

If you don’t have a budget to pay an expert, but still want a professional looking logo, then these applications can help you. Some of the top ones includes:

Logo Maker

You can use this application to create your own 3D icon and logo that will be unique to your company. This will be done quick and easy and the application will be there to help you when you have issues.

Logo Maker is a free logo maker with hundreds of templates and billions of colors to make completely unique logos for all types of brands. Create logo designs that are graphic, artistic & symbolic and will stand out in the crowd! From company symbols to new services, each logomark can be crafted into something special by an individual who understands creative design.

With backgrounds from nature’s textures to artwork or photographs received over email; customize your desired colors, fonts and wanted art group before resizing it as you please! You decide what style fits best among the choices like shadowing text or making it bolder?

Brand Maker

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating your logo, then make sure to install this application. There are plenty of options to choose from or you can make your own or even upload it to use on business flyers.

Brand Maker is the perfect app to design your next logo or identity. Make a logo from scratch or choose one of our hundred different pre-made logos you can customize to create an original and timeless design, ready in minutes.

With this app’s large variety of fonts and shapes, add text arts for a personal touch, icons for an easy marketing piece out in the social media world or share it with all types of devices by saving Brand Maker on SD card!

This remarkable designer has won top prizes for its unique set features such as one minute setup time limit with amazing tools which range from adding only text to using templates that will ensure professionalism when complete. Clear instructions are given during usage ensuring ease in such new territory!


If you want to have a lot of choices when it comes to designing your logo, then you might want to look at this application. It has a huge array of options in terms of size, styles, colors and much more that would make your logo unique and professional.

Design Studio

For those who want to have options in terms of already created logos, then this one would be great. You can choose from one of the already built ones or you can customize your own using colors, images, stickers and more.


If you are hoping to be able to use a template to help you with creation, then this application has what you are looking for. There are thousands of templates that you can tweak and change until you get the perfect logo.

Make sure that you are thinking about all of these applications when you are starting to create your logo.

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