LTPO display to power all iPhones in 2022

Apple has announced that it will use high refresh rate LTPO OLED screens in the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Max. However, Apple may use LTPO OLED screens for all models of the iPhone 14 next year, which means you might not have to pay more for an upgrade.

In 2022, LG may be able to provide all OLED screens for the iPhone, so Apple can use LTPO technology on its lower-end iPhone 14 models. In addition, it is reported that Apple will eliminate the “mini” version of the iPhone in 2022 and instead launch only larger iPhones.

With the help of LG’s LTPO OLED technology Apple will put an end to Samsung’s monopoly on OLED screens by 2022. The two technologies are going head to head with their respective advantages. 

Apple uses OLED displays in its premium products like iPad Pro and iPhone XS Max while Samsung sells its own high-quality OLED panels to use them in Galaxy S9/S9 + etc. So far both companies have been making good profit from their respective industries.

Currently Apple has not announced whether it will continue to use OLED panels for iPhone or shift towards LCD display. 

It is obvious that Apple uses OLED displays only in high-end products and there is a reason behind this approach. Samsung’s mobile division is making more profit than its other businesses like chemical, semiconductor, TV and home appliances so this gap between the companies continues to grow wider as time passes by.

However, if reports about LG’s plans prove true then we may expect all iPhones of year 2022 to use LTPO screens instead of traditional IPS LCD panel also used in iPhone 6/7 etc. This will turn out great news for smartphone buyers who have been waiting for years hoping to get rid of slow motion screens. 

If LG can successfully and take a step towards this direction then this will also be very good news for Apple in near future as the company would no longer have to purchase OLED panels from Samsung.   

LG is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers so it was recently revealed that the company has managed to win iPhone 14 contract from Apple. But there are some problems associated with LTPO technology. In addition to increasing efficiency, many reports indicate that an increase in display refresh rate will cause an increase in battery drain even if the result is more efficient energy consumption.

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