The Best Andorid Stopwatch & Timer Apps in 2024

Are you looking for the best stopwatch and timer apps? If so, then you have come to the right place. There are literally hundreds of different stopwatch and timer apps for the Android operating system. So, how do you pick out which one is best for your needs? Here are five of the most popular ones available on the Google Play store. 

Stopwatch Timer

This app has a clean interface that makes it easy to use. It allows users to set up timers in seconds, minutes, hours or days. In addition, this app includes an alarm with many different sounds as well as vibration options which are all customizable!

The Stopwatch Timer app is perfect for a variety of sports like running, cycling, swimming, and lawn games. The timer can be used in three modes: Stopwatch or chronometer mode where you can start and stop the stopwatch with just one button that prevents accidental pauses; Lap list that lets you see your lap time; Total time when comparing laps.

You can access these features from the home screen by pressing on the appropriate tab with a dropdown menu that also has other helpful options like toggling between top digital display or analog view like an old school stopwatch.

Stopwatch: floating multitasking timer

This floating stopwatch will display on top of all other apps on your device. You can customize the timer for a variety of forms and customize the notifications to your own preferred style. If you like multitasking, this function is also available in which you can run multiple stopwatches simultaneously with different times. With this app, there’s no need to switch back and forth between apps or turn off power saving mode to use it!

Plus, if you’re using an Android mobile device with limited battery life you’ll be happy to know that the app works reliably in power saving mode too!

Stopwatch and Timer

The Stopwatch and Timer app for iphone is a practical, easy to use timekeeping tool. You can set timers for three different countdown times at one time with the toggle buttons on the side of the timer icon. Perfect for everyday timing situations, it has a full screen mode with large digits, an in-app notification to let you know when the time is up or remaining, the ability to be customized with different colors and fonts.

Stopwatch and Timer is the app for every timing situation. Easy to read large digits will get your job done quickly, no matter what you’re cooking or doing! What’s more, you’ll receive notifications when your timer has reached zero or changed!

Easy Stopwatch

Easy Stopwatch is a easy stopwatch app which can be used for home or professional needs. Use the stopwatch to measure anything from seconds, minutes, hours, days- even millennia (thousands of years)!

As you can see, this app has been crafted with efficiency in mind so that it operates more like a stopwatch than anything else. A variety of uses make this product perfect for anyone from home chefs to professionals who need precise timing and want to try something new!

Stopwatch Run Tracker

It is so much easier for you to keep track of your workouts now – with this Stopwatch Run Tracker app, it’s easy and entertaining! 

You can easily check how long ago you’ve started running, or see the distance left to cover. Just set up intervals and work out with an alarm tone of your choice! Playlists synchronized with heart rate zones are also available. The app supports Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, Mi Band 1/2/3 AND Amazfit watch too; what else would you need?!

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