Battle Disc Guide: 6 Tips to Destroy Every Block

Battle Disc a new action game that challenges a player to toss up a disk at the enemy’s block to slay or kill them. However, the main problem is that once the disc is caught by the opponents, they can toss it back to you. Thus, Battle Disc needs skill and knowledge to be able to destroy the enemy’s block first.

This article will be going to give you some Battle Disc tips and trips to successfully kill your opponents and at the same time, tackle more levels.  So, here they are!

Always Stand in Front of the Blocks

In this game, you will control a character who will toss up a disc at the opponents. The aim is to destroy the blocks which are behind your enemies. Your opponents will safeguard their block by trying to catch the thrown disc that can be tossed back to you and destroy your block. So, make sure to keep alert always during your playtime. The right positioning of the avatar plays a vital role in successfully beating your opponents.

Careful Planning and Proper Execution

In Battle Disc games, careful planning and proper execution are very important as the levels become harder as you move forward. Also, the fact that your enemies can grab the disc and toss it back to your block is a risky element. By proper planning, you can prevent your enemy from scoring and destroying your blocks. Once they did, you will lose the game.

Wait for the Right Time to Toss Up your Disc

In Battle Disc, the playing field is known as the arena. In every level, there is a new arena revealed that is divided into two parts- one half for your enemies and the half is yours. Also, this game is providing a proactive and dynamic setting. In short, your opponents and the blocks will be on the move always. So, ensure always to watch their movements. If you recognize a pattern, try to use the space available. Like for example, when your enemies moved to the right side, quickly throw the disc towards the side of your enemies.  They will stop them from building the blocks.

Release the Bomb Once They Come up

One of the essential items in this game is the bomb. Made in an outdated style, big bombs will fall on the arena every so often. They can be the best tool to assist you in eliminating your enemies. So, each time there is a bomb dropped on the arena, send your disc at it. The bomb will rebound and levitate so you disc can side under them. Once you detonate the bomb, this will clear out a big part of the playing field. Thus, you can kill opponents and go on to the next stage with ease.

Make Use of the Hammer

A bomb is a very powerful item that can assist you to slay your enemies once in for all. But, this weapon is not available always. It appears once in a while and in a random way. Thus, you need to depend on other weapons and tools to win each fight. One useful tool to use is the Hammer and ensure you know how to it in an efficient way.

This is easy to use. Each time you hold the disc; you’ll charge a meter. If the weigh is full, lighting will shoot from the sky and give you the hammer of thor. Thus allows you to slay your opponents in a simple way.

Complete the Mission to Earn Golds

Battle Disc has many kinds of challenges. Once you complete the task, you will be given rewards. Three tasks are available each time. So, make sure to finish them to get more gold.

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