Mini Guns: Omega Wars Guide

Mini Guns- Omega Wars was released by Kabam Games Inc, and it is an exceptional multiplayer mobile game that provides lots of excitement and complex challenges. The tactical deck balancing factor of this game along the field methods you utilize in battle plays a role in your victory against opponents. This Mini Gins-Omega Wars guide will help you maximize your playing time. So, make sure to read it until the end.

Complete the Story Task/Mission

For first time players, first, you will be taken at the first stage of the game story wherein you will know the objective and basic controls. You will also get rewards like starting units you can use. The story mode is narrow down into acts wherein each one is divided into ten tasks or missions. The initial five missions are easy, but the following ones are extremely complicated. You need to complete the first five missions prior to unlocking the next tasks. Each mission has easy, medium, and hard versions. Each one, when completed, you will receive an award in the sort of star. Make sure to complete every mission to earn points, extra units, omega shards as well as gold.

Choose What to Upgrade

Further than the broad selection of minis to select from to use during the battle, having a prioritization level assigned to every mini is an important thing to do for you to stay at an early level in the game. Every upgrade cost more gold. Therefore you need to prioritize those worth upgrading.

Another important decision to keep in mind is the availability of troops on every factor the moment you reach the tenth level. Because upgrading minis from three factions will cost gold and omega shard, you need to think of whether you like to bank it all on one faction or spend gold on the other two factions. Once you focus on single faction, then perhaps you’ll do a lot better in PvP fights. However, you also require to upgrade the minis on other faction to complete the story missions.

Keep a Balance Squad

While minis vary in capacity and power, there’s no such thing as an eventual mini in this game, because each one has a perk and disadvantages. Due to each exceptional character, it is essential to think of a good combination of defensive and offensive units.

Try Every Unit in the Practice Arena

As you get more minis, you must try matching and mixing units in your team. Ensure to see what every unit is able to do in combat, focusing especially on their advantages and disadvantages. To go to the training arena, click the training tab located at the right portion of the screen. If you do this, you will have the chance to acquire experience points.

Play Defensively

Rather than deploying troops in the battle arena instantly, you need to wait a few minutes first. See what your enemy doest and study what his or her objective is. With lots of chances as to which technique your enemy is planning to use, waiting a few moments to offset is very important.

Join Team or Alliance

You can play this game alone; however, having alliance adds more excitement as well as variety which the game offers. So, don’t forget to join in an alliance. This also gives you the chance to know other players.

Watch Advertisement to Improve Your Progress

Watching ads allows you to earn rewards that can help you in upgrading the Empire faction and more forward to the game. Make sure to watch the ad as getting experience points will help you boost your level.


Mini Guns-Omega Wars is an exciting game. However, it can be more exciting if you know the techniques and tips for playing this game. We are hoping that this article can help you move forward.

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