Water Shooty Guide

Water Shooty is a never-ending puzzle game wherein you have to kill every enemy without being shot once. It may sound hard, but with some tips, you will be playing like an expert. Water shooty has many levels for players to get in, and this Water Shooty guide, you will know how to get in all of the phases with ease. 

5 Tips for Beginners

Take Down Your Enemies 

In this online sport, you aim to destroy all your opponents in every stage. Your character will be trouncing behind some cover and will just come out to shoot once you press and hold on the screen.

To keep away from getting hit, let your enemy shoot you first. Your opponents always shoot in bursts, therefore once they stop shooting, make this an opportunity to fire back. Kill all your opponents to move to a higher level. 

You need to be extremely cautious, though, as it just takes one bullet to kill you, so be very extra careful with the timing. 

Set off the Fever Mode 

Once you attack your enemies, you’ll see a white ring that starts to fill up in the middle of your screen. Once this ring is full, your fever mode automatically sets off. During this mode, your gun will make an umbrella around itself, keeping you safe from the opponent’s attacks. 

Also, this mode allows you to attack rapidly without the threat of counter-assault, therefore don’t hold back. This mode meter quickly decays, therefore to reach full meter, you have to hit your enemies repeatedly. However, make sure you are not reckless. 

To Deal Massive Damage Attack the Boss 

Once you reach the boss stage, you will encounter an abnormally powerful and big enemy. He will leash a hailstorm of bullets on you, so ensure to cover. If you have the chance to shoot, try to shoot consistently. 

Once you shoot enough, your character will throw a water balloon at the powerful and big boss. This water balloon will deal a considerable damage. In short, it plays a vital role in killing your enemy. 

Unleash Your First Bludgeon to Buy Things 

Sometimes you will notice that there’s no choice to purchase stuff in the store, and the whole thing is locked and cannot access, even if you have enough money. Well, we work out something valuable. 

Upon killing the big boss or the powerful enemy, you’ll be revealed a new bludgeon, however, you need to see a brief ad prior to using it. Once you skip this ad, you can’t purchase stuff in the store. Therefore, to buy things, you have to see the advertisement. Then you can buy the rest of the tools with your coins. 

Complete your Daily Quest 

Once you press the treasure map key, you’ll be directed to the Daily Quest page. Daily, you are able to play at a current level. When you complete each level, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to buy stuff. 

That is all for Water Shooty. If you want to become successful in playing this game, you need to get in all the stages now. 

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