The Best Android Apps for AKB48 Fans in 2024

If you are a fan of the Japanese girl group AKB48, then you should be using these five best Android Apps to help keep up with their latest news and information. Find out about everything from their newest single and upcoming concerts to what they are doing on social media. It is never been easier to stay connected with your favorite idols!

5 Best Android Apps for AKB48 Fans

AKB Daizukan

AKB Daizukan is an all-in-one, comprehensive app for the popular Japanese girl group AKB48. It can help you to figure out what resonates with your interests in a vast sea of members and singles, especially if you’re looking for particular information about a member or need some help understanding their complicated release schedules.

And with website links and Twitter access integrated into this single portal to all things recognizably Japanese, it’s never been easier to feed that new addiction while also learning more about Japan!


Studio 48 is the ultimate viewing experience for fans of Jpop music on Android! It features all sorts of detailed lyrics and information about idol groups, in a variety that can be sorted into four tiers. 

It also functions offline, allowing you to use it without WiFi or data availability. Changing themes between different parts allows for an effortless way to keep up with your favorite idol group.

AKB48 Full Album Song Videos

The AKB48 Full Album Song Videos app is the perfect way to keep up with your favorite idols, and enjoy everything they do. Listen to all of their work in one convenient spot on your phone or tablet! With albums like Party ga Hajimaru yo, 1830m, and many more songs already available for download, this is an app you can’t pass up.

And don’t forget about those picture slideshows! You can watch some of their greatest moments – from costumes changes backstage at concerts to goofy selfies ‘pon facebook – with just a tap. So what are you waiting for? Bring home your idol today with the AKB48 Full Album Song Videos app!

AKB48 Wallpapers Fans HD

AKB48 Wallpapers Fans HD is a high definition wallpaper application for Android devices. Different from most of the wallpaper applications, there are not any ads found in this app and it offers a premium collection of wallpapers with high resolution (low quality) images of AKB48 members to show off your device’s fabulous dimension.

Keyakizaka46 Music Offline

The Keyakizaka46 Music Offline app will help you look for the most popular J-pop songs on social media. You want to be up-to-date with the latest music and this is a great way to do so.

It includes:

  • Saisei Suru Saibo (再生する細胞) / Imaizumi Yui – Keyakizaka46
  • Kimi Ga Inai Off Vocal Ver. – Keyakizaka46
  • Kaze ni Fukarete mo (風に吹かれても) / Senbatsu – Keyakizaka46
  • Eien no Hakusen – Keyakizaka46
  • Shibuyagawa – Keyakizaka46
  • Te Wo Tsunaide Kaerouka – Keyakizaka46
  • Shibuyagawa Off Vocal Ver. – Keyakizaka46
  • Noriokureta Bus Off Vocal Ver. – Keyakizaka46
  • Silent Majority – Keyakizaka46
  • Kimi Ga Inai – Keyakizaka46
  • Yamanotesen – Keyakizaka46
  • Noriokureta Bus – Keyakizaka46
  • Yamanotesen Off Vocal Ver. – Keyakizaka46
  • Silent Majority Off Vocal Ver. – Keyakizaka46
  • Bob Dylan Ha Kaesanai – Keyakizaka46
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