The Best Android Cooking Recipe Apps in 2024

Cooking is one of the most important things you can do in your life. It’s a great way to make friends, spend time with family, and improve your health. But not everyone wants to cook for themselves. That’s why there are so many cooking recipe apps on Android! In this blog post, we will review 6 of the best cooking recipes apps that are available on Android today.

6 Best Cooking Recipe Apps on Android

Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools

Yummly is the lifestyle app that empowers you to be a better cook and a healthier human being.

Easy, efficient meal planning in an instant with Yummly, the cookbook meets supper club! A daily dose of calorie tracking guides your best diet choices while our taste panels show what foods just drained energy.

Upgrade your kitchen knowledge with expert videos for food hacks from prepping cauliflower rice to downloading taco seasoning mix–so it’s never been easier to find creative uses of healthy ingredients like garlic and spinach-lemon dressing or pumpkin muffins.

Join over 8 million people who are motivated by cooking on their time rather than ours, using Yummly as part of their lifestyle throughout every day!


Cookpad is the home for cooking. Whether you’re a budding chef, or just enjoy putting in an occasional cookery spell, Cookpad is the place for you. Browse and search thousands of recipes – whether by ingredients, holiday dishes or seasonal favourites – with our large community of home cooks from around the world shared daily!

Cookpad is a resource to be used for every person in the kitchen, whether you’re just starting out or seeking new recipes. With daily updates from celebrity chefs and leading food writers, as well as regular contributions from home cooks like you, Cookpad provides endless cooking inspiration.

You can choose to browse recipes of all types or search for them based on ingredients, but Cookpad also has an exclusive collection of seasonal dishes including holiday favourites that feature stringy-melted cheese logs and more! If you’re feeling creative then cook up your own dish with our recipe editor – name it whatever you want and share your work with others – this could be your very own personal cookbook!

All recipes Cook Book

This cookbook includes recipes with delicious food from all categories like chicken, ground, salads, meat and vegan. Recipes are organised by courses or the main ingredient as well as cooking techniques. Find your favourites in this app’s list of global cuisines such as Asian dishes, Middle Eastern cuisine and American hearty meals 

All you need to do is open up this app and browse through exquisite food happenings at All Recipes Cook Book with step-by-step instructions for preparing anything from heavenly breakfast casseroles to mouth-watering desserts that one cannot miss out on eating today nevermind tomorrow.

A few perfect examples: bright yellow mango salad with waldorf dressing which is made with fancy greens like watercress and some crumbled sliced almonds; sour cream chicken wraps from slow cooker thighs make an easy-to-prepare lunch recipe to prepare on your busy weekday mornings; strawberry white chocolate trifle served iwnth whipped cream for a long-lasting dessert!


SideChef is a personalized cooking app that helps you find recipes to suit your tastes, preferences, and needs. SideChef has all the wholesome ingredients you need for healthy cooking including allergy-free meals and gluten-free options to help teach people how they can cook too! It also helps shoppers by suggesting what else they might need with their tried-and-true recipes. Best of all, it even allows users to import grocery lists from popular food retailers like Walmart and Amazon Fresh in order not to pass on any deals or discounts!

SideChef delivers 18,000 step-by-step recipes for you to cook healthy, delicious meals in minutes. Choose from their library of snacks and meals by diet and food preferences or search for your favorite recipe with ingredients right in the palm of your hand. Create shopping lists on Walmart or Amazon Fresh for saving time at the grocery store and never guess what’s for dinner again––no more fast food!


The Whisk app is the perfect tool for saving recipes, handling grocery lists and meal planning. It was designed to be easy-to-use so you can spend more time cooking than organizing! The personal cookbook function will save your favorite recipes from online sources such as Food Network or AllRecipes (or let you enter it) and allow users to modify recipe ingredients, servings sizes and more.

Move all your go-to dishes into a singular place with one touch; create dish categories that mean something to you like dinner ideas, breakfast ideas or snacks; add edits on the fly by clicking on items in the inventory at the top of your list – rename, swap quantity or remove completely from recipe to get just what you need.


Your cooking coach is here! The app that more than 3 million people have relied on for culinary expertise now has an all-new mobile experience, including a Step-By-Step instruction mode and innovative Search tool. 

They’ve also added new features like Tasty video playlists to keep you from missing out on videos before your friends do, My Recipes which serves as your very own personal cookbook, and the ability to filter by different cuisines or occasions with just one search. With this perfect tool in hand, flip through hundreds of recipes in minutes without straining your eyes while following the app’s instructions step by step!

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