TapTap Heroes Tips

If you want to know the tips and tricks for playing the TapTap Heroes, then this guide is perfect for you. In every game, one of your goals is to increase the power of your hero.


After finishing the tutorial part of the game, play the stages. If your hero progresses, there is a higher chance that you can get various offline rewards. In every stage you finished, you will always be rewarded. The rewards include the purple loots and souls, Gold, and EXP. The complexity of the stage means, the higher the reward that you can get.

If you want to challenge a particular stage, make sure that your used hero has finished the needed waves number. In every stage, you are only allowed to use 6 different heroes, three for the backline and three for the frontline.

Obtaining Heroes

Every hero in this game comes up with its Faction. Every faction comes up with a restraint against the other that will deal with about 30 percent of the damage.

On the other hand, every hero also features their designated class. Some class is designed for dealing with the damages. Others also used in supporting the heroes by buffs or healing its damages.

Increase Your Hero’s Power

Leveling and promoting your heroes, as well as the Gear and Gems are the two major ways that you should do to increase the power of your hero.

Your hero can be packed with the gears for you to improve its statistics. The four gear types that are acknowledged in the game are the helmet, accessory, armor, and weapon. Every gear also possesses its designated rarity. The lowest rarity is represented by a green color and orange color for the highest one.

Guild and Friend List

The following are some features of Guild that you can get;

Mine This will enable you to dig and get Gold and guild coins. The Gold can be donated for you to increase the Guild mine level.

Tech This is the part where you will be spending your Gold and guild coins to increase the passive skill. It means that the statistics of your hero will be improved.

Raids In this feature, your hero will be allowed to have a battle with the raid bosses as an exchange for different rewards.

Shop In this part, it will enable you to exchange your collected guild coins for a 5-star or 4-star hero.

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