The Best Android Wikipedia Apps in 2024

The most popular encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia is an excellent source of information for students and anyone who needs a refresher on topics. There are many ways to access Wikipedia on your mobile device, but which apps offer the best experience? In this article, we will explore five options that users should consider when looking for a great Wikipedia app for Android.


The best Wikipedia experience on your phone. Ad-free and free forever, no matter where you are, with this official app! With over 40 million articles in 300 languages to explore, this is an encyclopedia that anyone can edit. All codes are open source for maximum transparency; the community heart and soul of Wikipedia will deliver reliable information.

The app has a seamless design for both phones and tablets with quick search results so it’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. Find just about anything from notable people or celebrities to plants or scientific concepts – just type a word into the search box! Articles include high-resolution images as well as videos embedded right into the article letting you get all kinds of different perspectives.


The best medical dictionary on the market, WikiMed is not only the most comprehensive and highest quality, but also an indispensable tool for doctors and other healthcare students.

WikiMed is a goldmine of medical articles perfect for practicing physicians or students in the healthcare field. With over 75,000 articles including up-to-date information on diseases, medication, anatomy and more you can really find out anything you need to about medicine. Whether it’s procedures or drugs you’re looking for we have what you need at WikiMed Near You!


Kiwix is an app for reading larger files when you can’t get a signal like Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias. Start with asking a question and find out right from where it began how to answer it! Have that one expert that knows everything on tap at all times, this little handy encyclopedia packed in your personal handheld device you can access anytime, anywhere for free!

It’s lightweight and once installed, you can start adding or removing categories as you desire. You’ll have access to all of Wikipedia – even when in airplane mode!

EveryWiki: Wikipedia++

EveryWiki is a revolutionary and innovative app that gives you access to the world’s largest encyclopedia, Wikipedia. EveryWiki shows all images in high resolution with an interface built using Google Material Design principles for maximum user experience. It loads articles quickly and as they load, it shows them so readers can choose what they want to read.

Search widgets are provided on older devices for instant search on your home screen or desktop browser. There are also two themes available: one light color theme for use during daytime hours and one dark color theme more suitable at night or in dimly lit settings.

Wikimedia Commons

Upload your best photo to the Wikimedia Commons app for a chance at picking up some extra credit in that upcoming class assignment! This app is an open-source project, created and maintained by grantees and volunteers from the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation is very pleased to offer this app here on their website, but they did not create it or maintain it themselves.

Create and edit pages, upload photos you take on your phone through the web browser or from your iCloud memories, access user profile tools of Commons across Wikimedia projects (of which there are more than double a billion), browse the latest news on Commons content development! This is an open-source project created by developers who devote their time in service to the community’s needs.

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