The Best Shopping Apps for Android in 2024

The best shopping apps for Android are the ones that make it easy to buy what you need- and get on with your life! With a wide variety of retailers, from Amazon to Target, there’s no shortage of options. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular shopping apps so that you can find one that suits your needs. Check out our list for some great ideas!

Amazon Shopping

The new Amazon Shopping app lets you shop millions of products and manage your Amazon orders from anywhere. Browse, shop by department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and check the status of your orders. Compare prices and availability by typing in your search – never miss a deal with easy access to Lightning Deals and the Deal of the Day.

You’ll never miss a deal again when we send notifications when your order ships or arrives – so you can stay on top of things all day long.


AliExpress has millions of items from fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports and more. From A-Z name brands in clothes to the newest electronics for your convenience here at AliExpress you get everything with just a few clicks. Interactive games also keep you entertained while you shop. With personalized recommendations and interactive games there is no way not to find something great through this website. Show off how good shopping can be by browsing through our top ranked list we have compiled for your convenience as well!


You’ll find everything you need and more at Chewy, America’s favorite online pet store. We have over 1,000 trusted retail brands for all your pet needs, plus 24/7 help from our veterinary experts. If you’re buying for a new pup, we can acquaint you with everything that goes into making a happy home!

Whenever we launch an app update it means one thing for pets everywhere: better perks! For starters there is the MANAGE AUTOSHIP feature so now when your snuggle-buddy gets lonely they don’t have to wait around while impatiently pawing at their bowl waiting anxiously. Plus with Chewy’s wide selection of high-quality products by 1,000s of pet brands, you can find everything from a new bed to the latest toys for your furry friends.


craigslist is one of the original online classifieds and it serves as a hybrid between eBay and Craigslist, attracting both buyers and sellers. Posting takes seconds! You can post anything from real estate to jobs to furniture or cars—or sell your services like handyman duties.

There are a lot of apps on the market for Craigslist, but most of these options tend to be lackluster. Therefore, if you are looking for something official, this app is for you.


The eBay app is all about instant gratification. Get the latest sale offers and online shopping deals on your phone with just a few clicks! Buyers can track their orders in real time, while sellers can list items for others to buy in just minutes with our easy-to-use app features like Dark Mode and custom notifications.

Celebrate your “eBay way” by personalizing settings to get discounts on shipping costs, handpick which categories you want to show up in search engines, and customize more of what’s important to you. With PayPal protection built into every purchase, we know that the future of mobile commerce belongs right here.


The Etsy app is a great way for you to find the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers! You can purchase handmade goods as well as vintage goods that are one-of-a-kind. The etsy app brings you a variety of products from creative goods to custom gifts. Choose your favorite items from our wide selection of unique designs by independent designers with 15 million items in stock!

Plus the developer makes it possible to buy things anonymously–in other words, if gifting isn’t really your thing but after an occasion arises where gifting could go either way, then anonymity makes this app perfect for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is your vacation destination for photos and memories minus the hassle. Keep up with friends, family, meet new people, and find social events on Facebook. Make plans to catch up over dinner or drinks without ever having to leave home!

Facebook Marketplace is where you can buy anything from a drum set for an aspiring musician to clothes for those big interview day! Buy what you need quickly with just one click of a button. Sell things instantly on your smartphone too! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something from old concert memorabilia or someone else’s used couch – Facebook Marketplace has got you covered every step of the way.


Instacart is the best way to get groceries delivered in as little as 2 hours. With the Instacart app, you can shop for fresh food and other non-perishable goods from many local stores and take advantage of delivery or pickup options that work with your schedule. All you do is tap a few buttons when it’s time to order, and we’ll do the rest—right down to cutting up fruit for easy eating on your busy mornings.

Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy Coupon Lady is an informative app for saving money. Whether you’re just learning how to coupon or you’re an avid extreme couponer, this app is essential for cutting down on your shopping expenses and getting the best deals. App features include setting up notifications about when you should jump on a deal.

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