The Best Relax Melodies Apps for Android in 2024

The fast paced world we live in has left many of us feeling stressed, anxious and depressed. As a result, we are clamoring for ways to relax and unwind. Fortunately there is an abundance of apps available on the Google Play Store that can do just that! In this post I have compiled what I believe to be 5 of the best relaxation apps for Android devices- some free, others not so much.

Sleep Sounds – Relax & Sleep, Relaxing sounds

Do you find it difficult to sleep when the outside noise keeps you awake? Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Wish that your bedroom sound like a rainforest, waves crashing into the shoreline or just some lovely white noise in-between periods of time where sleep is needed most. Life may be tough – but with this free app for any device from Sleep Sounds, we want to help make those sleepless nights seem as if they never happened! Stay calm and relaxed always knowing that you can have all your favorite sounds right at your fingertips without any need for internet connection.

Highlights: Create personalized mixes including soothing waterfalls, powerfull thunderstorms and many more; adjust volume levels; create customized playlists; schedule silent mode to automatically play sounds between periods of time.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, Meditation & Stories

For the most restful sleep ever, invest in the only audio solution with a wide variety of techniques to help you fall asleep. You’ll love the guided meditation programs and bedtime stories for grown-ups by leading authors, celebrities, teachers, professors and comedians. The app’s sound library has more than 50 million sounds scientifically proven to work better than white noise machines.

Sleep Sounds – Relax Music, White Noise

Sleep Sounds Free is a super-relaxing app designed to help you catch a healthy and dreamless sleep. It’s the number one sound machine on the AppStore featuring noise machines such as white noises, storm, ocean waves, music box lullabies and more!

Relieve insomnia and fall asleep easily: With soothing sounds for any occasions – from relaxing to energizing – Sleep Sounds Free can be your perfect antidote! So with the tap of a button – close your eyes and turn off your thoughts to enjoy natural sounds that are scientifically proven for calming anxiety disorders, especially useful when it comes time to return or go back into society after experiencing trauma. Over 350 professional recordings soothes every sense.

Relaxing Music: Sleep Sounds

This is an app for people who want to fall asleep in a relaxed manner. The app is solely available for relaxation, consequently it does not include any songs that can help you stay awake or energize your mood.

Each sound soothes the mind and creates a unique environment for any situation. White noise, thunderstorms, rains forests are all there to help you rest peacefully.

Makes a great baby gift: This app is perfect for new parents who want their infants to sleep better at night with just a tap of an icon. And it doesn’t hurt that these soothing sounds can also lull them (and those up late) into dreamland as well!

Meditation & Relaxation Music: Calm Sleep Sounds

Meditate, sleep and relax with the help of these sounds of nature to soothe your soul. Find great features including: high quality recordings, Timer (set a duration on meditation), mixes- create your own mix with different styles of music or sounds to suit your mood. Descriptor word choices for this product include: calm, to aid in relaxation, calming and soothing.

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