10+ Best New Android Casual Games in 2024

Android Games are the new craze, and it seems like there is a never ending supply of them. The problem is that most games come out to be no more than fluff in your phone’s memory. But today we’re going to take a look at some of the best Android casual games that you can play for hours on end without getting bored!

Save the Sun

In Save the Sun, aliens have stolen the Sun, and it’s up to you to get it back! You’ll need to jump and fly across 15 different levels, solving puzzles along the way. You can collect different skins at each level, but most importantly you will have fun!

The controls in Save the Sun are easy to use and responsive. The stages are cleverly designed and gradually increase in difficulty as you progress. Collecting skins is a nice touch, and it’s great to see that there’s more than one way to earn the game’s currency.

Billionaire Dwarf

111%, a quirky developer that often offers unique titles, has recently released Billionaire Dwarf. The studio is a renowned developer that offers games with distinct stylings.

Billionaire Dwarf is a casual game in which the player can forge the best weapon using three different types of ores. There are many weapons which can be crafted, including the Hammer of Destruction and the God’s Hammer.

This is a crafting game that plays more like a card game with RPG elements. Our recommendation for this game is in good conscience a cautious one. It doesn’t offer what you might expect from other games on the Play Store, but we found it quite enjoyable when played short periods at intervals. Just make sure to avoid in-app purchased items.

The Spike – Volleyball Story

The Spike is a volleyball game that will be both your stress reliever as well as entertainment for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy. Developed by an indie team of high schoolers in Korea, this game features unmatched graphics and gameplay with a relaxing soundtrack that sets the mood.

The main goal of The Spike is to set up the ball on your side of the net to make it past your opponent so you can spike it across their court onto their net – hence its title. You have four options: two high balls and two low ones (bounding or setting), each requiring different moves in order to overcome height obstacles such as jump float serve, back row attack smash hit, and front.

The remastered version of Spike Volleyball is challenging and has good graphics, but the controls take time to get used to.

While graphics are nice, it will take time to get used to controls in this challenging game- which can be fun if you put in that time and make an effort with them! The controls though can take some time to get used to and even mentions that it is a challenging game at first glance when you look over their description.

You will have fun with this if you put the time into getting use to how they react because many people would assume a remastered version should address these types of issues but unfortunately not so much here sadly enough. The dev even mentions they’re difficult right off the bat on their description page for those who were questioning whether or not these could possibly just start out easy… glad I didn’t give up too soon though because after some adjusting and getting into my groove when actually playing myself, I’m already hooked (and determined) to win next season’s volleyball league championship any way possible now.


If you’re a lover of the popular game ‘rock, paper, scissors, then this is the game for you. JanKenup requires a player to unlock characters and break records in a never-ending elevator. You can play it online with friends and strangers alike. Your main goal is to beat everyone else in the world as you unlock numerous achievements.

Characters in JanKenup show the corresponding sign with their hand, a relatively new feature that has made it even more interesting. Additionally, the game’s developer is continually adding amazing features to the game, all meant to improve user experience. JanKenup does not take a lot of space on your device either. You only need 35MBs and there you have it. With more than 500 installs to date, the game is quickly gaining popularity among the gaming community. If you want to use the game without difficulties, you need to have android 4.4 and above. Additionally, you need to go for its current version (0.0.64) to have the best experience. JanKenup’s excellent graphics and colors will leave you glued to your screen the whole day. Any time you feel like clearing your head after a busy task, just grab your phone and let JanKenup throw you into its fantasy world.

Tom and Jerry: Chase

The famous cartoon series now comes to mobile with perfectly recreation of the art style of the original classic. Tom and Jerry: Chase is a 1v4 casual mobile game with competitive element. You will play as either cat or mouse, steal cheese and trick Tom with your friends to win. 

Meditation Fun

The game is designed to help you meditate better and do so by using various tips, tricks, and also tools obtained from the ‘’Master’’. The idea here is to help players learn all basics regarding meditation and de-stress in modern times. The game is simple, appealing to play, and very effective.

Orc Heist

Whippy needs your help. You must retrieve the cat’s treasure from bad orcs and you must not wake them up. Use stealth and all the advantages of the main character to get the job done. If you wake the orcs, the game is done.

Graffiti Artist: Spray Paint

Travel around the world and create amazing graffiti anywhere you go with the Graffiti Artist: Spray Paint. There are countless options and the idea is to complete each city with your own graffiti. The main role of the game is to relieve stress.

Audio Spring

Jump with your springy across beautiful and colorful scenarios. Each one comes with a unique and versatile track that bases the level accordingly. Play with music and play like a pro or simply have fun as much as possible, as long as you like.

Tappy Bear

Catch and eat as many fish as possible. The game is simple in nature and offers left or right movements. The time is shorter with each level and you must catch more fish. The graphics is present in 2D with astonishing colors. But in the game, you also have to avoid certain fish. They are not for catching!

Bouncing Buddies

In Bouncing Buddies game, players will guide their character over a series of simple and complicated tracks where they have to jump over obstacles and also move left or right.

Draw Around

Test your drawing skills, enhance them and make them so much better. All you need is the game that allows you to do this. The Draw Around is precisely what you have been looking for so long. Use different methods, various possibilities and try to become a level pro artist.

Before jumping to the latest game list, you can try these casual games. They’re all different in their own way, but are all solid additions to your game library.

  • The first game is a racing game called Road Trip Adventure. It’s a very addictive and fun arcade style driving game that will keep you on your toes for hours!
  • The second one is called Space Rocks, which is an intense asteroid blasting space shooter with some really cool power-ups and weapons! You’ll go up against various bosses as well as hordes of enemies who are out to get you.
  • The third one is called Doodle Jumping Adventure, which has been recently updated with new content such as 3D graphics and levels!
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