The Best Android Work Log and Hour Tracker Apps in 2024

Are you tired of forgetting to keep track of your work hours? The best Android work log and hour tracker apps will help you stay on top of your schedule and make sure that you are compensated correctly. Whether it is a labor or freelance job, these apps will be an invaluable tool in tracking the time that you spend working so that there are no discrepancies when it comes time to pay out wages. We have compiled a list with five different work log apps for Android devices below!


Timesheet is perfect for self-employed, freelancers, contractors, hourly workers and employees. All you need to do is open the app at the beginning of your work day and stop it when you’re done! In a few taps on your cell phone or computer keyboard (or with simple voice commands) Timesheet will calculate how much money you made that day and week.

Timesheet is a time-tracking tool that helps you calculate and submit work hours, track your earnings and automatically fill out a timesheet. With three different pay periods to choose from (weekly, biweekly or monthly) and the ability to round off your time in 3-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30- or 60-minute increments, it’s perfect for employees with hourly wages as well as freelance workers who want to know their hours.

Timesheet makes it easy—just clock in when you start working on a new task or job, then when you finish up hit stop! Days of tracking will roll into an invoice so you can get paid for what you do best: work.

Hours Tracker

Hours Tracker is the perfect resource for those who need to manage their work hours or just want to keep a simple log. The intuitive interface allows you to easily track your work time and export it for accounting purposes, draft invoices, or submit to payroll. It’s available as a downloadable app on iOS and Android devices. Time Squared is not free service; there are also limited trial versions of the app available for download in order to test out before you buy.

Work Log

Ever wished there was a way to track your hours without having to manually enter it in? If so, Work Log is the app for you. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to keep up with the time put into working your side hustle, or want a simple tool that lets you see how much money is coming in and going out on any given day, we have got you covered.

The app willll save all of those thoughts from running through our head as well as make sure we get paid what we deserve. You can also use this app if you are someone who likes cash tips! Jot them down with ease and know exactly how much they should be worth when tax season comes around.


Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker improves your productivity and time management skills by tracking them. The app also provides insightful reports so you can understand your habits better, employing various tools like the Pomodoro timer for focusing on minute tasks.

Boosted is a productivity app that helps you understand your habits and the time it takes for certain tasks. Boosted offers reports, activity tracking, and various time management tools like Pomodoro timer. It’s an effective way to understand yourself better in order to do better things – which makes boosting true productivity easier than ever.

Smarter Time

One of the most valuable things we have is our time. Yet we never really think about how to use it best—or when to give some away. We all know, though, that feeling overworked or guilty for taking a break is just wrong. Time slips through our fingers and even if you’re tracking your hours well-you don’t want time eaters like mobile phone distractions to take up too much of your day. Divided attention will hurt your own ability in the short term and lead stress & burn out down the line.

Smarter Time automatically tracks every relevant minute you spend online or on other distracting apps during work hours so you can estimate where more focus might be needed or where you could afford a distraction instead without stressing.

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