8 Best New Android Minimalist Games in 2024

In today’s day and age, games are designed to be addictive. They want you to spend money on in-app purchases that can cost a lot of money over time. Some games have even been shown to cause addiction by triggering the reward center in your brain when you win. This list features some great new Android minimalistic games which use only one tap or swipe at a time for gameplay, meaning they’re easy on battery life and distraction free!

In this blog post I will share with you some of my favorite new Android minimalist game apps that are simple yet highly entertaining. These apps were created with the idea of removing all distractions from the game interface so that players don’t get distracted during their playtime, as well as making sure these games are well optimized.

sugar game

This is a lighthearted puzzle game, but it’s also entertaining. You must fill the cups as quickly as possible with as much sugar as you can. As you continue, the tasks become more difficult but never overly complex.

There are adverts, but you may opt-out for $2 by making a single in-app acquisition. Sugar game is an enjoyable game that doesn’t break the bank while still being accessible.

How to play: To direct sugar into the cups, draw on the screen. With sugar grains trickling down the screen, enjoy the soothing puzzling.

Mini Blaster

Mini Blaster is a challenging and addictive shooting game that will have you on the edge of your seat! You move your ship by sliding the fingre across the screen, all while trying not to touch any pink dots. Should one be an unfortunate victim, it’s game over for them.

Mini Blaster is an exciting space shooter that can provide hours of entertainment as players try their best not to let themselves get too close or hit individual enemies in order win.

This is what makes the game so great – simple controls that require precise movement. As the levels progress, so will your equipment and skills; constantly upgrading your ship as you battle approaching enemies.

The game is a one-handed operation, easy to play. You can automatically attack enemies within range without the need of aiming in detail! Defeat your foes and collect gems that will level you up even more. Choose an upgrade for yourself as well so you get stronger with each passing day.

You can get all sorts of upgrades for each level up. If you combine them, they’ll be even more powerful than before! Let’s defeat the enemy with our strengthened machine to show ’em what we’ve got.

The colors of the screen will constantly change as you play, so each time it’s a new experience. You might prefer one color over another and want to keep playing with that palette for an even higher score! Each style is different too—try them all out to find your favorite!

Sleepy Squares

Available offline, the game brings in plenty of puzzles to kill time. Bring matching squares together in a sudoku style puzzle that will challenge your IQ. Each square has a specific number of eyes, hence the challenge. There are numerous modes, leader boards, power ups, music effects and rewards.

The goal of the game is to place the sleepy squares next to their neighboring squares so that they all have only one open eye for every square next to them.

Sleepy Squares has infinite potential for everyone who’s willing to put in the effort. Check out our global leaderboards and see where you stack up against your friends! Unlock multiple game modes and have the experience keep all data intact! This enables you to earn rewards, trophies, and have fun collecting them all in your gallery.


  • This game is challenging. You will need to think hard to find the answers.
  • Play for free
  • Enjoy the cuteness of sleepy squares
  • Unlock a variety of challenging game modes
  • A never-ending challenge that can be explored for hours
  • The game features music and sound effects that will charm you.
  • Compete with your friends in the leaderboards.
  • There are many helpful powerups to collect
  • Earn rewards and collect trophies
  • You don’t need internet connection to play
  • Players are given an unlimited amount of time to complete the game, and there is no limit to how many levels they can play in one sitting.
  • If you take a break when you play, then you can resume your progress later.

Astrogon – Creative Space Arcade

Astrogon comes with great graphic features, colors, and sound. One of the easiest yet challenging intergalactic synthwave universe game, Astrogon is a perfect companion. The user is guaranteed a mind-blowing experience from the first second to the last. Grab some popcorns and make yourself comfortable, it is going to be intense!

Match your wall color to stay alive, jump from obstacle to obstacle and try not to die. Collect as many stars as possible or you’ll be toast! Try beating all the time records too so that you can become a master of this game.

Be patient with yourself when playing on higher levels but don’t let fear stop you either because there’s nothing more satisfying than conquering level after dimension once every challenge has been met head-on! Earn rare Skins by defeating bosses – they have amazing aura effects like blazes, ghosts, clones and laser turbines for example !

Creative mode is a parallel world of your own, where you can express infinite creativity. You become the God of Astrogon and must challenge other players to be smart, innovative and clever in order to beat time records with stars!

This game will let you show off to the world your creative skills by designing original levels. The cool thing is that these levels can be played by people from all over and they’ll post their feedback of how hard or easy it was, comments on what type of obstacles were used, likes for creativity points and replays if they are really good! You’re invited to play other player’s creations as well in order to see some fresh new ideas come into fruition.

Don’t forget about commenting and liking them so others know which ones are worth playing again; just like a thumbs up button but more interactive with different types of responses instead!

Coloristic 2 – puzzle

Coloristic 2 is a sequel to the popular game Coloristic from 2017. It still keeps the same colorful minimalistic game with enhanced puzzle. Coloristic 2 features clever puzzle mechanics with 120 handcrafted and challenging levels.


Chessplode is modern chess for everyone. The game is like the classic chess game but with big twist. If a piece is captured, everything in the same line and column will explode. Chessplode supports realtime chess battles multiplayer with people around the world.

Gravity Box – Minimalist Physics Game

No matter this game is not that impressive in looks; yet it is a must-try for gamers. No music is there and each level is presented at the minimal possibility. But this physics-based gameplay turns out to be phenomenal. In the tiny corridors of the different levels of this game, one has to use surroundings to get success.


Powernode is a puzzle game that will test your planning and organizing skills. The purpose of the game is to reach the highest score possible by  combining numbers to create energy sources and feed the network.

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