6 Best New Android Point and Click Adventure Games in 2024

Are you bored with the same old games on your phone? Do you crave a new, engaging adventure? If so, check out this list of the best point and click android game apps! There are tons of great choices for all types of gamers. From graphics that will blow your mind to simple gameplay that can be played in small chunks, there is something here for everyone! 

Find your way through the twists and turns of a new world in one of these great games. Point and click adventure games have been around since the early 1980s, but they are still popular today. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to play on your Android device, then check out this list for some fun adventure titles.

Learn about these awesome games today and download them onto your device! You won’t regret it.

Magnus Failure

You’ve always had an intuition in you that you could not clearly define. This strange state in you escaped all conceptual schemas.

“Magnus Failure” is an atmospheric journey through a mysterious world of characters, traces and symbols.

Unique graphic aesthetics of the game deepens a keen impression of being in another reality.

The task of the player is to find a way out, he or she must solve a range of puzzles and brain teasers in order to achieve this.

Magnus Failure is a game that is perfect for gamers who are looking for an atmospheric adventure with carefully-crafted graphics. It offers all the beauty of a slower, more deliberate pace, and it is perfect for those who are seeking to experience something different.

In this game, we are players who are interested in discovering the truth behind mysteries and solving riddles. This program is among one of his interests, which is listening to numerical radio stations for signals.

When he was checking frequencies for a signal once more, something incredible occurred. He received an odd and perplexing communication.

He managed to decode this message but not with his sharp mind or decoding software. He used a secret key. Suddenly the coded language revealed it hidden content. He understood it. Learning the meaning of the message caused him to set forth on a journey to find the sender.

In isometric perspective, the game is shown. Magnus Failure is a mixture of an adventure, exploratory, and logical game. The player must use the correct combinations of objects, discover them in the environment around him or her, and operate with logical mini games to solve the problems before him or her.

This game looks like a hand drawing. It has 3-D graphics in it. The story is filled with things that will make you think about deeper things. There are words in this game, but they are not normal words. They may tell you what to do next, or point you to different places around the game.

The game takes the main character on a journey as he learns about himself. The story is about a man who can’t believe what’s happening. It touches on things like souls and change.

Adventure Reborn

Adventure Reborn is a point-and-click adventure game. It has a world that looks like it’s after a disaster (post-apocalyptic), but there are still colorful characters and a touching story. There are also plot twists you can find in the story.

This game is about Hope. She had a mysterious past. The main people you will talk to are the Crow cult, who are making everyone’s life hard. You must save her parents, or else it will be too late! In this game, you will make decisions about what Hope should do. You can help her save her parents from the Crow cult.

Dr. Frank and the cult are mysterious. They want to do an evil thing. Hope is a person who doesn’t want them to do it. Who is Dr. Frank and what does the cult want? Will their plan be successful? How does Hope play a role in this?

You will find the answers to these questions while exploring many different places. There are hundreds of puzzles in this game. You can meet some new heroes and you can find secrets hidden in the post-apocalyptic world of Reborn!

The game lets you experience everything from graphic adventures to touching human relationships in ways that are usually unthinkable. Hundreds of unique puzzles and difficult decisions find their way into every level of this exciting game, challenging even the most experienced players for hours on end. A story unlike any other awaits you!

Unholy Adventure

Think you have the steely nerves necessary for mystery solving? Prepare to put on your detective hat and set off for a journey into a world of grim shadows. UnHoly Neighborhood is a point and click adventure puzzle mystery game.

Each of the game’s narrative stories contain mystery games and secret stories. In the world of point and click story games, horror UnHoly Neighborhood will offer you a unique experience. The levels are creepy and surreal. UnHoly Neighborhood has lots of puzzles, and riddles required player to solve.

If you like scary games, meet Peter Grim. He is the protagonist in UnHoly Neighborhood. Who kidnapped Peter’s wife? What is this strange storm about? Why giant rats took over the city? You will discover the secrets in the game’s epic story mode, you need to find out kidnapped Peter’s wife, why giant rats took over the city, what the strange storm is about, etc…

Doctor Who

The game ventures on the terrifying legacy built by the weeping angels who first made their appearance in the “Blink” episode of Doctor Who. The game is on a found-phone solving mystery mode. The players play as the person who finds the phone of a missing person from an abandoned house in London. The phone is one a self-destruct mode and as such critical information and clues are extracted and traced for solving the mystery. The game is surrounded by horrifyingly sinister plotlines. This game is based on an original story from Doctor who, original characters, a new nemesis, and a gripping found phone gameplay.


  • ORIGINAL DOCTOR WHO STORY: Picking up where the iconic episode “Blink” left off, the Weeping Angels are back to unleash terror once again…
  • PETRIFYING NEW NEMESIS: Confront an evil like never before. No phone is safe!
  • AUTHENTIC CHARACTERS: Work alongside Petronella Osgood (played by Ingrid Oliver) to investigate mysterious events. Also features Finlay Robertson as Larry Nightingale and a special appearance by Jodie Whittaker as the voice of the Doctor.
  • FOUND-PHONE MYSTERY: Search through messages, emails, videos, photographs and more to uncover clues, solve puzzles and reveal the truth.

Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine is one of a kind game. It is a click-based adventure in which you will lead a special agent who will have to solve murder mysteries. There are a lot of missions to complete and each one is more complicated than another. Keep in mind that the game is a sci-fi genre and the Nordic theme is present all around it. In addition, you can play using different styles.

Agatha Knife

It is a click-based game as well and it has the best possible story. It is interesting, detailed and appealing to participate. The game is ideal for children, but adults can test their brain skills as well.

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